Women Who Inspire Me To Be Better- Celebrity Edition

I guess this post is mostly for girls but boys can look in too.

Role models. We all have them. Whether they’re celebrities or real people, they exist in our lives and we are eternally grateful for them. People inspire me by what they wear, how they look, what they write, how they present themselves and what they do. And all these things inspire me to be a better person in one aspect of my life or another.

Leven Rambin

Two beautiful, secure, successful women are Leven Rambin (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, CSI: Miami, One Tree Hill, The Hunger Games) and Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone, The Poker House, The Beaver, The Hunger Games ). Comments have been passed about Jennifer Lawrence’s appearance in the Hunger games, claiming she wasn’t skinny enough to portray the heroine. I feel incredibly proud by how Leven supported her co-star. In her Sarah Connor days Leven had an amazing figure (and she still does, don’t get me wrong) but in a particular scene, shows off pretty spectacular cleavage (yeah, cleavage, I said it). I think it’s insanely cool how these women are proud of their curves and inspire me to be proud of my figure, with my (somewhat) bigger than average ‘cleavage’.

Fashion. Fashion inspires me so much. It’s not only a way of expressing yourself but it’s stylish protection and, if you wear clothes properly – and I don’t mean not pulls ting your pants over your head – you can easily accentuate your assets. As well as the afore mentioned ladies, I love the style of Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars, Sorority Wars). She makes me want to wear print. She makes bold work. I look at a picture of Lucy and I think I want that outfit or She’s got style. I think the first time I saw a picture of Lucy, the first thought that popped into my head was Wow! She stands out. 2 words to describe Lucy’s style: bold; unique. I think fashion is the reason that I love Aria (Lucy’s character) from Pretty Little Liars. She mixes so many styles together and gets them to work. I digress. ‘Why is she talking about fashion?’ you may ask. I talk about fashion because of self-image. While my body time would be more similar to Ms. Rambin and Ms. Lawrence, when I look at a picture of Ms. Hale, I’m constantly drawn to the – individuality, I guess you’d call it – of her style. It She inspires me to be more individual with my style; she inspires me to wear what expresses my personality and what I feel comfortable in and not care what people think about me. If you’re worried about how to go about this, just google an image and edit it to fit your style. (I personally love sites like and where you can put an entire outfit together. And when in doubt my self-esteem always gets sated with a giant hoodie and a pair of skinny jeans.

Honourable mention: Troian Bellisario. I mean seriously. Look at that outfit!

Milla Jovovich.

I cannot think of one thing I can fault this woman for. She is the epitome of Class – wheter it’s with popping red lips; a beautiful gown on the red carpet; or a mini afro in her chill time, she pulls of a cool, collected look. She is OLD HOLLYWOOD and I love her so much for that. When I first came across Milla, she was kicking zombie but and fighting to survive and, somehow, whenever I get a craving to watch one of her movies, it’s always an action, so I look forward to seeing her in a much more dramatic role than just ass-kicking heroine.
The next time I came across Milla was on Twitter and I was introduced to her music: Don’t Fade Away, It’s Your Life, Can You Bend Your Back Like This? and Proud Mary , just to name a few personal favourites. Check them out on youtube. (I tried to link but there was some problem with that.)
Finally, I found out that, as well as actress, musician, model, wife and mom, Milla is also a Fashion designer. . While the site appears to be down and hasn’t been updated since 2008, I still love going onto this site and looking at the collections which are clearly the style of Milla. I love Milla’s history. I makes her who she is today. It’s INSPIRING. She is the reason that I believe that anything can happen. I aspire to be like Milla in the multi-talented sense. She show’s that you don’t need to settle on just one thing.

Sophia Bush, Shantel VanSanten and Bethany Joy Lenz. Three beautiful and talented women who I cannot go without mentioning for inspiration. Sophia and Bethany have both inspired my blog. MY MYSTICAL BLOG OF ANYTHING. Sophia’s Bloghas inspired me to give and Bethany’s blog has just…. inspired me. Both of these blogs provide great websites for gifts and provide amazing beauty tips. From Sophia –just click here for Sophia’s blog – I learned about ZERO IS NOT A SIZE, moral crimes and these amazing girls Megan & Liz . Bethany’s Blog –Wish You Were Here– has given me gift ideas, food for thought, cocktail recipes and fashion ideas.  These ladies do amazing , inspiring philanthropic work so check out their blogs
And no, I have not forgotten Shantel. Anyone who follows Ms. VanSanten on twitter will know that she is a cornucopia of inspiration:

And it doesn’t hurt she’s got bitchin style.

I love these three women. I came across them on ‘The Little Show That Could’ or One Tree Hill. A show that brought tears and smiles and that introduced me to the talents of artists such as Kate Voegele, Tyler Hilton, Bethany Joy Lenz and SO MUCH MORE!

Demi Lovato. Her strength inspires me. It scares me. She’s only 2 years older than I and she has faced so many hardships, but it’s encouraging how she over came them. Skyscraper is such a powerful, encouraging song. When I’m at my worst, this is one of the songs I listen to. It reassures me. It makes me love Demi even more with the power in her voice.

Demi is an incredibly beautiful woman and an unbeatable role model.

So there you have it. Nine women. Nine Stories. Nine lives that make a difference, even if that difference is to a nobody like me who has too much free time. If you, like me, are a member of the twitterverse, all these beautiful women are members too (except Leven and Jennifer).

And I hope I’ve inspired someone today. To show appreciation, no matter how small, to the people who affect your lives in positive ways.



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