My Closet

So, after my first post, I was feeling a little restless and I couldn’t decide on what to write about. As I said, I was restless, so, at about 1.45pm, I figured it was high time I got out of my jimmy-jammies and changed into something more presentable.   I was going through my drawers and I came across a bitchin’ pair of skinny jeans idea for my next post. And yes, to those who read my l;ast post will not be surprised that… IT’S ABOUT FASHION!

To start, I need to tell y’all a little bit about me.

I was never much of a girly girl. I never had a sense of style. When I was little I never wore dresses, I never wore t-shirts and if I did, there was always something there to cover my arms. I hated denim: I used to feel like I was going to die.  I hated shopping: I used to get so moody whenever my mom or my sisters would take me shopping. I HATED IT. Two items of cloting (which weren’t hand-me-downs from any of my four older sisters) was a pair of lemon pant I had when I was about three which had a clear, glittery belt, and a bright orange jacket which I had when I was 12, I think.  Bright orange.

I think I got into fashion and clothes was two years ago. My debs (or prom) was the next year and, walking through Paris I saw a beautiful, albeit, designer dress.  After that, shopping wasn’t so daunting, I began looking forward to seeing new clothes in shops I began buying magazines and tearing out pictures of my favourite items. I even tried my hand at designing but I’m neither creative nor can I draw.

I admit, this step was but a baby step, but it was a step. I would look at dresses but I never wore any. I would wear tanks and 3/4 lengths but it was always muted colours. I fantasized but I did only that. When I started my second last year of school I became more and more obsessed with fashion. It wasn’t until last summer that I made the leap. The leap that would feed my obsession.

I was staying at my sister’s in the city and I ended up watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles . I was already a fan of Leven Rambin’s (see first post) and I saw her outfit. It was simple, but different to what I was used to, and I was such a fan that I decided to do no wrong. So the next day, I hit the shops. No whining, no complaining. I picked up a pair of denim shorts, tights, a blue tank top, a pair of boots and some pretty funky socks. It was my first successful shopping venture. So from then on, shopping wasn’t something I HAD to do. I used to only stay with my sisters so I could buy books and DVDs but now I find that a bi-weekly saying for me is ‘I really need to go shopping.’

So, I’m going to share a few of my favourite items with you. I spent about two hours last night photographing all of my favourite pieces and here are my favourite five:

<—- First up is comfort in the shape of my JEGGINGS.  These are divinity at it’s peak. I got them in Penney’s for €10 in January, and I’m still wearing them around the house even now. They’ve seen me through so much: when I was sick, after nights out, chilling in the apartment going into town, cold nights when I didn’t have pyjama bottoms. When I hurt my back in March, I wasn’t going to college. The furthest I ventured out was to the Tesco across the street. I lived in these jeggings. They were my saviour.

I found them super useful for the morning after the night out. I went out this Thursday night with a group of girls and I had to be up at 8.00am for a lecture at nine. As you do on nights out, I had the odd drink. We got back to the apartment at 3am. I didn’t get to bed until 6am. I couldn’t miss my 9.00 and sleep is very important to me. I couldn’t decide if I should take the risk and sleep or just stay awake. My jeggings were very supportive. I threw on an oversized jumper and these babies and I crawled into bed. HEAVEN. I got some sleep AND I showed up to my lecture on time, looking very fashionable.

No one can go wrong with Jeggings, If you decide to buy anyhing that I suggest, these are a must have!

When I showed this top to my friend, she described it as, ‘Delicious,’ claiming it looked like a Vianetta and she was completely right. It is absolutely delicious.    ————– >
LIGHT JUMPER like this is exactly the thing for summer. Added to a tank top under it and you are away.  It cost me €9.00 (I think) from Dunnes Stores and it was divine.  It’s light, it’s colorful and it’s not loud which is somertimes a good thing for an outfit worn around a city on a hot day.  The thing I love about this top is that, while it’s light, it’s surprisingly warm. It’s perfect for the changeable weather and even better for a quiet night out with a few friends.

<——This LITTLE BLACK BAG is a god send. While it looks teeny tiny, it can hold a surprising amout of crap  necessities.  I regularly take this bag out with me when I’m shopping. It’s compact but somehow manages to hold my phone, my little black clutch purse, my iPod and headphones (not EARphones/plugs… HEADphones), lip tint, vaseline, and a small pen and paper.  This bag is incredible. I only bought it because I needed it for a night but now I use it more often than not. A little black bag is a must have for any girl. It goes with just about anything and can go anywhere. This one is from Penney’s and came in white, and a variety of pastel colours. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the price, but it definitely didn’t break the bank

I love these shoes!  There is some confusion over the name: plimsoles, brógs… I call them OXFORDS. ——>     In the month of May, I was still wearing knee high black boots which were beginning to fall apart, so I decided to step out of my comfort-zone and went in search of these. I found them in Clarks shoe store for €60, which, in my opinion, was a STEAL. They have the most comfortable sole ever and they are so airy. AND… the laces are ribbon. RIBBON. How cute is that!? I wear these almost all the time with, jeans, dresses, skirts. They literally go with just about anything. I normally wear them with pop socks or tights for skinny jeans or a skirt. But the next fine day, when I pull out my shorts, I’m going to pull out a pair of really vibrant socks. I’ll keep you posted.


SCARVES!!! This pinky/orangy little number is super light. It just wraps right around. Penneys for €5, I think, this was one of the best summer buys yet. These are best for summer while I opt for something a bit more fluffier for Christmas.

So, there you have it. My favourites for a summer’s day around the shops. Jeggings (or skinnies), light jumper, airy shoes, multi-purpose, compact bag and some COOL accessories. (Pun intended.)


So what are your favourites for going around the shops?


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