My1st year college exam results are coming out today and, truth be told, I’m really nervous.  Like, it didn’t occur to me how nervous I was until my mom asked me when they were due and what I wanted to do if I failed and I started to hyperventilate at the thought of it. I’ve never reaaly been one of those people who wanted to do REALLY well in school. I used to be totally OK with the idea of failing. But I don’t want to fail these ones.

Basically, if I fail, I have to study my ass off until repeats in August and wait for results AGAIN. If I fail those: ‘Hello again 1st year.’ If I pass, I’m a 2nd year!!! I really don’t want to be a first year again. It would be so expensive.  And going back to first year would be personal failure and, for me, it would be as if I’m repeating last year. That sounds weird, I know, but I want to go into second year and have a proper experience of college life without any drama or sadness and leave last year COMPLETELY behind me.

The results were supposed to be out after 4 but apparently they’re up now.

So, all y’all are going to be the first to hear my news…


Right now, I feel like this:

And This::::

And this!


Photo credits:

Leven Rambin Photoshoot: lifeisacoolphotograph on tumblr

Jacqueline, Leven, Isabelle: katnissarmy on tumblr

Leven Rambin: glimmercareertribute


(Yes, I know, I love Leven)


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