I’M HERE-MOVIE REVIEW- ‘A Love Story In An Absolut World’

It’s Saturday! So, here’s something a little light for your weekend.

Here it goes: the first (of many) movie reviews. I’m going to start off with a short film that I stumbled across last year but never got around to watching until last week.

I was so – happy isn’t the word- pleased when I saw this movie.  It’s a 30 minute long movie by Spike Jonze and stars Andrew Garfield.

Part of me likes to think that this movie is about the true meaning of love.

Humans and robots are living together. Robots aren’t allowed to drive and are (more or less) discriminated against.  Sheldon, a quiet, shy librarian who lives his life by the rules, meets Francesca, a rebel. She teaches him about life and about dreaming. The end of the story (and I’m trying to do this without spoiling anything) says, to me, that love is love. It really doesn’t matter how you look, you will be loved by the person you love.

It’s such a sweet movie, even if it is idealised. It represents a happy ending that isn’t necessarily happy.

You can watch the movie here: I’m Here .

While there wasn’t really any explicit scenes, the movie is presented by ABSOLUT VODKA, so you do have to be over 18 to enter the site. But when you do, it will be so worth it. It’s theatre themed. You’re brought up outside a movie theatre where you can choose from: the movie; trailer; about us; blog; director & cast; bonus features When you click on movie, you are immediately transported in the the screening room, and can sit back and watch the movie. It’s such an innovative, creative website. That I used to constantly go to the website just to be there, but i was so glad after I watchec the actual movie. It was incredibly MOV(E)ing (yeah, see what I did there?)

I don’t know much about this movie. I choose not to look. I like the mystery behind this movie. I like to think that the actors are really only dressed up as robots (there ain’t nothing animated about this movie.) After I watched this movie, all I want to do is cut a head out of cardboard, draw a face on it and pretend to be a robot (despite being 18.)

So, if you have a half hour to spare, check this movie out.

And as always, let me know what you think!



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