New Finds: Music

Again, a pretty tame post for the weekend.

Yesterday, I was working on my post for tomorrow, and I was listening to songs on youtube when I decided Hey, I’m going to listen to something new. So I looked through the suggestions that came with the song I was playing and I clicked a link that had a pretty cool thumbnail with it, and I did the same for that song, and the next one and so on. I tried to keep it so the songs and artists were new to me as well, but there may be some artists there, that I have a particular fondness for…

1. Imagine Dragons – It’s Time

So the first time I heard this song was on the trailer for The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. This song is really, really cute and fun, and the number of times I hit replay are uncountable. Also, this particular video is great. I love the scenes with the cartoons and the the ones of the cheerleaders at the game. It reminds me a little bit of  Lana Del Rey’s Video Game. Whenever I listen this song, I just want to do cartwheels and jump around

How incredibly uplifting would it be if, once in awhile, they played songs like this in clubs and pubs?

Favourite Lyrics: The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell; and of course, the chorus: It’s time to begin, isn’t it?/I get a little bit bigger, but then I’ll admit/I’m just the same as I was/Now don’t you understand/I’m never changing who I am

2. Young The Giant – Cough Syrup

When I finished listening to this song, I was caught between listening to Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons or Young the Giant. I’m pretty glad I choose these guys because I know I like the other two, but this song confirmed my suspicions of Young The Giant.

The first time I came across these guys was on Twitter and I think it was @oliviawilde posted about them. I loved the song she recommened, but I’d never really heard anything else from them. Until now. As soon as this song started playing, I fell for this song. Maybe partly because I’ve felt like I’ve heard it before. My favourite part is around the .50-1.00 mark.

After checking out the song on Wikipedia, I realised that I had heard it before. It appeared on Glee, the third seasons episode 14, and was covered by Darren Criss, and was placed throughout the suicide scene. According to Wikipedia, the band was pleased with the placement of the song, despite lead vocalist, Sameer Gahia told Billboard

I don’t think we ever had the intent of the song… in such a serious scene

Gadhia explains that the song was written as a kind of ‘cry for help’ while the band was still unsigned and I think that that adds to the appeal of the song: it’s frustration.

Favourite lyrics:  Life’s too short to even care at all oh (I feel this way about cleaning sometimes); A dark world aches for a splash of the sun oh oh

3. The Narrative – Eyes Closed

Ok, I’m just going to say it. WOW!  First off: The Narrative

I love the guitar at the beginning and the introduction of the piano in the middle and the guitar (again) at the end (I’m no very eloquent when it comes to music.) And the two singers: Jesse & Suzie. These voices are making melt right now. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a band who asks their fans to help make their music available.

So… Yay, for these guys!

Favourite Lyrics: and this dormant love you’ve built inside your stubborn ways/ well its begging now, for air…/ …of the silent breath of change…

4. The Go Find – Everything Is Low

I could definitely see myself lying on my bed, with my headphones in, listening to this song. Just lying there. Not doing anything.  I picked this song because it fits in with my muted, change a boring day theme I seem to be doing: whether you’re doing cartwheels, or just thinking. Also, this song is awesome because you have to really listen to make sense of the lyrics. I just read them, and the song didn’t make sense to me. So just… LISTEN!

Favourite Lyrics: Cause the track was gone you simply didn’t know I’m strong/When you take me home be the son of all good

5. The Bear That Wasn’t – We’ve Come Bearing Gifts

This has such a sweet opening. And just a sweet sounding song in general. And who doesn’t love a band with bears in the title? Again, lying in bed, or even to listen to on a car ride on a crappy day. I actually can’t remember the last time I heard a song like this, it kinda reminds me of Joshua Radin or someone.

Favourite Lyrics: And there no lies in homemade pies… hmmm, pies; please don’t ask me to speak my mind cause there are dark corners I don’t think you’d like

6.Sleeping Dog – It Leaves Us Silent

Yet, again: the perfect song for a hangover.  I just love songs with piano in them. I get all gooey. I can’t really make out the lyrics though.

There you have it. 6 songs that I are new to me; that I love; that I can (and can’t) explain why I love it. But hey, sometimes music just hits you in the right spot, right?

(I’m sorry the last 2 songs are a little…less. It’s 8.00 on Sunday morning and I got home at 4 last night.)


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