The Week in Review: 02/07/2012-08/07/2012

This last week has been probably been the most eventful of my summer so far (not counting my trip to Limerick, but maybe more on that later, it’s all pretty tame.) Do you know how when you look back on a week and things are incredibly fuzzy? But I’m going to try my best to get every single day in there!



A pretty non-eventful day. I had two of my sister’s at home with me, so it was a nice start to the week. Of course I was freaking about Wednesday and mom was constantly asking me when my results were coming out and I was putting off telling her. I watched Toy Story 3 with my sister and it was really good. I was never really a Pixar kid (more of a Disney one to be honest) but I do have a soft spot for Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potato-Head, Rex, Slinky and the rest of them. But I was really pleased with the new characters as well. I’m happy to admit that this was the first time that I cried at a movie since I saw The Hunger Games (it’s enevitable people, there will be a post about The Hunger Games, probably around when the DVD comes out, and it won’t be a short one I can promise. Forewarned!)

Also, on Monday, I started this baby! So happy birthday, one week old blog.


Yeah, not a whole pile happened on Tuesday. The only really memorable thing was that my Mom was on the phone to the dentist and next thing I knew I had an appointment. It was like, ‘Ok, thanks Mom… I guess.’


I still occasionally have trouble spelling Wednesday, apparently. Well, it was a pretty damn good day. I mean first getting into 2nd year was like

THEN I tweeted about the gorgeous Mary Rambin and this happened:

Just to put this into context: I once saw John Creedon in Dunnes Stores and I’m not a huge fan of his but I got SUPER starstruck. I had to turn around and go the other way. So, yeah, when I saw this, I freaked out a little and I’m not ashamed to admit that. So yeah… fangirl moment. BLOG LINK ALERT:More Than Mary

I love this lady!


Yeah. Not a whole lot to talk about here. OH, I did go for lunch with my Momma.


Yay, Friday! The trip to the Dentist was pretty short so I won’t bore y’all.






But me and mom headed for Bantry and, of course, there was traffic and when we got there, not only was it fair day, but we were greeted by: a Hollywood-esque sign and an old-style car, so the day started off pretty vintage! I had a very productive day: we walked through the stalls; got some photos printed off and modified (it feels a bit weird not having the photo of my Granddad up in it’s usual spot, even if it was turning green); I added Divergent  to my library. But I did go there with a plan.

I wanted to get something, as a momento. Just a little something to remember my grandparents. I’d been getting stressed about it. I’d had my eye on camcorders; new laptops; jewellery; laptop cases. Well, I could count out laptop cases, cause it wouldn’t last. And I didn’t want something I’d end up throwing away in a few years time. So I was left with an item of jewellery. I didn’t want a necklace: I wear the same one all the time, that my parents gave me. Anyway, before I moved back home I was going to check out some fancy jewellery stores, but I’m glad I didn’t.

My plan for Bantry was to find something, and I did. The very first shop we went into I found this beautiful ring:  a turquoise stone with rhinestones (I think). I fell in love with it immediately, and it felt right to buy a ring (my Mom has a ring belonging to my grandmother. I think it was her engagement ring or Granddad bought it for her).

Ta-Da. I bought it in a cute little shop up on Main St, where they had really nice unique, vintage jewellery. I love this ring so much and it means the world to me.

Saturday night was the BOMB! God, it was such a good night. I reconnected with old friends that I hadn’t seen for nearly a year and others that I hadn’t seen for 6 months.

To start, I girlied myself up with up my ‘sentimental’ dress, my rocking boots and my bun with a twist (no pun intended: I put my hair into a plait and twisted it into a bun.) (Also, I am really sorry to guys who are reading this and getting my silly fashion and beauty updates constantly)

Once I’d gotten ready and psyched (YEAH!) I met the girls for cocktails. To the tight you’ll see a ‘Tropical Delight’ that tasted all fruit and no alcohol.




After the cocktails, I met up with friends I hadn’t seen since Christmas and it was brilliant to see them! I’ve missed them SO much.




Then we headed to the night club, and on the way there, we found… A goat. Or a deer. I’m not really sure of anything anymore. It was dark. Anyway. It was really a rather random thing to see in the middle of the town. Anyway, we danced the night away. I was group hopping so much and my feet didn’t hurt, which only make my boots more awesome!

I got home at 4am. It was really nice: my neighbour drove me home and it was so nice catching up with him again.


I spent an hour reading before going to bed (surprisingly) and, despite waking up at 8.00 and not drinking at all last night, I treated it as my hangover day, so sorry. Not much to tell.

So there you have it: the riveting week of me!


Photo Credits:

Haley Dunphy: haley-dunphyy on tumblr



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