Movie Trailers of 2012

Here are a few movies that I can’t wait to see

1. The Dark Knight Rises

I have always been a fan of the Batman franchise. I think he’s the only hero from the DC universe that I truly love (though I admit, I have yet to watch the Christopher Reeves Superman movies but that is on my list.)  So as a long-time fan, this is a must see for me this year.

2. The Silver Linings Playbrook

Since Jennifer Lawrence was cast as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, I have been a pretty big fan of hers, and since most of her movies that I’ve seen are the survivor/fighter type (The Hunger Games, Winter’s Bone, The Poker House, X-Men: First Class), the chance to see her in this type of a role is exciting. It looks like a really good mix of drama comedy and Robert De Niro is a PLUS!

3. The Perk Of Being A Wallflower

The first thing that caught me: the music. ‘We’re On Our Way’ by The Radical Face and ‘It’s Time’ by Imagine Dragons. Two songs that blend really well together and really find the atmosphere of the movie easily. I read this book, like, 2 years ago and the thing I loved about this book, aside from the story and the characters, is the playlist featured, so I really hope that some of the songs are featured in the movie.

Oh, and it has Logan Lerman!

4. House At The End Of The Street

Lawrence in another survival movie. But rather than being the character burdened with supporting her family, this is a horror/thriller type movie (genres I LOVE). So it will be exciting to see this movie.

5. The Hobbit

I’m SOO excited!!!

I’m a bit of a LOTR fan. So, no, I can’t wait. Being a fan of the book, December 14th will be very exciting. I can’t wait to see the Riddles in the Dark scene (OH MY GOD I CAN’T WAIT!)

So, What movies are you looking forward to in 2012?


2 thoughts on “Movie Trailers of 2012

    • Yeah. I was going to put Ted, Savages and Resident Evil on that list too. I don’t know why I didn’t.

      Thanks for the list! 🙂

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