Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Mysteries?

One of my fondest memories of buying supplies for school was coming home and sitting down and watching the last hour of Death On The Nile with Peter Ustinov. Every year, without fail, I would always miss the beginning, and every year, I would always be wondering who was the killer.

This tradition eventually changed but re-emerged since January, when I would come home after Christmas and, every Saturday, I would curl up next to my Mom and we would watch the Agatha  Christie movies with David Suchet (for some reason it was only ever Poirot, we never really watched Marple together.) Anyway. Sunday, we ended up in our spot, after the soaps finished, watching Evil Under The Sun and the entire time I found myself thinking, Who did it? Who was the killer? Why did they do it? How did it play out? It got me wondering: what happened to old mysteries, that really had you hooked, that kept you guessing?

I mean, honestly? Yeah. There are some pretty bitchin’ crime drama’s out there and occasionally, some movies, but nothing ever like this. The victims are generally blonde bimbos (and in they aren’t exactly… pure.) But nothing has ever really gripped me like these shows. Sometimes when I’m watching Criminal Minds or the CSIs an episode will pop up which totally captures me. I’m interested in the character, the cases, the motives, the how. But more often than not, I’ll wonder who did it and continue searching the web while the episode plays out.

I think that the time has something to do with it. I watch these modern crime shows and all I see are women wearing bikinis and short skirts but when you look at these old shows, they are so classically dressed. Even the bathing suits were classy.

So maybe I’m just a stickler for all things old fashioned, but next time you’re looking for  something riveting to watch and you’re into class over… not class… than opt for 20s style murder mysteries.

You won’t be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Mysteries?

  1. What a coincidence! I just wrote about the loss of classic detective stories on my wordpress blog. I couldn’t agree with you more. The classic murder mysteries were so gripping. I’m glad to see you’re a fan of Agatha Christie. She’s my favourite author and Evil Under the Sun and Death on The Nile are probably my favourite adaptations of her novels.

    • OH, I will definitely check it out. I have to admit, those two are the only Peter Ustinov ones I’ve seen but I love the David Suchet Ones. Love Death on the Nile!

      Thanks for the comment 😀


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