What IS in a Name? That which we call a rose by any other name WOULD smell as sweet!

We have a home video and there’s a clip in there of my mom, my dad, and I. It was taken maybe the day I was born, or the day after and obviously they never had a name planned out for me because the dialogue is something like this:

Mom: What will we name her?
Dad: I don’t know.
Mom: How about Aisling?

That is the heartfelt story of how I got my name. I’ve ner had a deep love for my name but I was making dinner and I got to thinking about my name. I don’t think any of our names were planned. My sister is ‘Maria’ and my mom’s name is ‘Maureen’ so I think that Maria was named after my Mom.

Then I got to thinking about my name. There isn’t anything special about it. It’s not a nudge to anyone or anything.

Then I got to REALLY thinking about it. ‘Aisling’ (pronounced ASH-LING)is the Gaelic for the word ‘Dream’ or ‘Vision’.

Maybe my parents didn’t want me to focus on the past. I beginning to think that they had big aspirations for my life. So from now on I’m going to live up to my name. I going to have dreams and visions for myself and hopefully give other people dreams and aspirations for themselves.

And right now I’m thinking: how would I have turned out if my name had been different. If my name was Saiorse (pronounced SEAR- SHA), would I have the same outgoing personality as my house-mate from last year, or if my name was Claire, would I be like one of my best friends with that name. I do believe that environment and DNA play a major role in the shapes our lives take. But I also think that our names can shape who we are as well. If you are named after someone important, you want to do that name, and that person, justice. Or if your parents name you something kind of obscure and with no connection to your family, and if you find out that name means something then, again, maybe you would like to do it justice.


  • IF you decide to name your child Aisling; opt for the more obvious ASHLING. I spell it the other way and it caused some fun nicknames in school.
  • IF you decide to name your child Aisling; make sure they don’t do Irish. My teacher used to always get me to translate anything with that word in it.
  • IF you are named Aisling: Enjoy your name and IF you haven’t started to already, I hope I’ve given you reason to – You, like me, are destined for great things.

and lastly

  • IF you are named Aisling… ROCK ON, lady, ROCK ON!

Out of curiosity: Does anyone like their name at the start?


2 thoughts on “What IS in a Name? That which we call a rose by any other name WOULD smell as sweet!

  1. I hated my name for the longest time. Only because I my teacher called me aurora borealis. However, I like my name a lot more now!

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