Since I’ve started reading the mentioned-many-times-before blog Wish You Were Here (Hi, I’m Aisling and I have an OBSESSION) my love for vintage has deepened. So I’ve decided on some vintage for the topic of this post.

My bookmarks is full of sites of vintage stores and, so far, I only have one vintage piece (I REFUSE to question it’s true vintage-ness.)

So here’s a little taster of what I found on POLYVORE

Casual Vintage

I thought I’d start off with a chill out session. The jeans and jumper look super yummy comfy looking and I love boots. I wear them in summer, with shorts (I nearly paired this outfit with denim shorts. Which I would be caught in. Be honest: how cute are denim shorts paired with boots and and an oversized sweater.) Also, the bag, I know it’s expensive, but I got a bag: black with a gold rim and chain that’s almost identical to that. I got it in New Look for €11. I haven’t seen any plain leather brown belts in forever. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places? And the jewellery– Mmm, the jewellery.

I love vintage jewellery. Some of the s*** you find out there is so cute and super unique.

Vintage Accessories

I just want to say, the gold necklace that says ‘My Life’ ? I want. Badly. If anyone ever wants to buy me a present: feel free to! Just… Nom! And the choker. And the bullet. And everything. I literally want everything. I need to buy nice, vintage earrings. And bracelets. I don’t have any vintage bracelets. I don’t have any vintage necklaces either but I do have a necklace of sentimental value that I wear always (it was a present from my parents.)

Alright. My salivating fest is over. Here are some sites for you to enjoy:

1. Etsy

Etsy is an amazing place to find vintage pieces. There are 384,390 in clothing alone. Alone. There’s over 2 million items in the entire vintage collection. And one click on an item that you like and you’re transported to a website fell of beautiful vintage.


Ok. Expensive eye-candy but eye-candy none the less. This has EVERYTHING: even a ‘sale tab’. YAY! Clothes; shoes; bags; gifts; jewellery! It’s times like this I wish I had a bottomless credit card so I could just shop on sites like these!

3. This Is Glamour(ous)

A blog that isn’t just about fashion but lifestyle. Ok, in the how to section, I just saw a cake to die for! A wedding dress in the inspiration board, and some cute little dresses in fashion. (PS I’m not 100% on the title)

4. As Time Goes Buy

A fashion blog. DIY fashion and Fashion From My Wardrobe are most looks. Next time I buy a pair of plain shoes I am going to decoreate them myself. It’ll be cheaper and I’ll get the look I want. Not some commercial, un-unique… shoe.

5.Wish You Were Here

Just click on Wardrobe Wednesday and you will how BJL throws an outfit together, or A Fine Vintage. Or Fashion!.

Officially, I want to start collecting vintage and badges, so I can make my own vintage crap.

So I hope you enjoyed another episode of killing space with fashion, with a nudge to Bethany Joy Lenz.

Tune in again!

O, and if you’re in the Cork area

  • Mercury Goes Retrograde, behind the Dunnes Stores on Patrick Street
  • Peacock & Ruby, in the English Market
  • Turquoise Flamingo, on Washington Street.
Also, my housemate went to a market in The Oliver Plunkett one weekend and she got some amazing stuff so if anyone has any details on that can you let me know? Thanks!



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