This Week In Reivew: 09/07/2012-15/07/2012

Just kidding. Who wants to hear aout a complete stranger’s week anyway? No you are just going to hear about my Friday (or at least what I bought) because the rest of my week was spent sittiing in an armchair trying to decide what to write, and legging it up the mountain.

Yes, Friday I spent the day in the city with the intent of buying a pair of high-waisted (skinny) jeans and something vintage to add to my collection. And while I didn’t purchase either of these things I did come away with quite a bit. (I’m surprised I didn’t come away with pneumonia with the amount of time that I spent in the rain.)

First up is Barton Hallow by The Civil Wars (who I’ve loved since I heard Poison and Wine last year on One Tree Hill and then again on Pretty Little Liars and Safe & Sound with Taylor Swift). I listened to this album as I was falling asleep last night and it can do no wrong. Their music is kinda country, so if you’re into that, check them out. I particularly LOVED their cover of I Want You Back. But my top 3 songs from this album: 20Years; C’est La Mort; Poison & Wine. 

Next on the list is Every Kingdom by Ben Howard. I fell in love with Old Pine last October when Stumbleupon and musictonic introduced me to him. Now to be honest, I haven’t gotten around to listeneing to the entire album (I was going to listen to it before bed last night but I ended up watching 30 Rock instead.) But as soon as I do, expect reviews. On that note, I will say this: the first 2 or 3 songs are pretty awesome!

As an OBSCENE The Hunger Games fan, the second I saw the Jabberjay game I immediately had to buy it. I haven’t played it. I haven’t even opened the box yet, but get me some of my pals over and I wull be all over this… Sorry, I’m watching One Tree Hill while I write this. But yeah, as soon as I play this game, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Finally:  The Tools Of Screenwriting. As you can see I have some big aspirations for my future.  After I read, Understanding Film Studies this is my Kilimanjaro. Projects are already in-progress.

And finally, as promised:

The dress is my sentimental dress with a cold belt: €30 from New Look last November
The bag: €11 (?) from Penney’s
The shoes… OH THE SHOES: They were heaven. From 9pm-4am my feet didn’t hurt for a second. They were only €25 from a shop on Winthrop Avenue off of Patrick St. in Cork City. I will definitely be wearing these to college purely for leisure.

So, there you have it. My last Saturday night and my this Friday shopping spree.

And reviews will follow once I’ve got time to get around to everything!


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