The Scream Quadrilogy (Saga?)

Well, quadrilogy for now. But who knows. We did think it was only going to be a trilogy (and I’ve heard rumours here and there that 4 was the start of a new trilogy… but I can’t remember where.)

Why am I writing about Scream? Aside from my love of horror movies (which means there will be plenty of reviews on horror movies) I was watching Scream 3&4 with my sister last night. Reading some pretty interesting facts and theories. Questions kept popping into my head, some got answered, some didn’t, So I’m writing this entry. To address some questions that you may have, hopefully to get some of mine answered; to explore possibilities; to freak out over a movie I can watch a hundred times over and still love. Even the spoof was pretty good.

But back to all seriousness…

(Oh by the way, there will be spoilers so if you haven’t seen the movies, go. Go watch them, that is! And then come back. And read.)

Alright, the first Scream movie. Who can ever forget the movie that started it all? The iconic Ghostface Killer mask modelled off of Edvard Munch’s The Scream… (I think.)? The ominous ‘What’s your favourite scary movie?’ or even more ominous and less iconic ‘I want to know who I’m looking at.’ Still sends shivers down my sp–

Oh, sorry, did I not mention that I will be going through each movie in some detail? Oh well, you’re reading now! Might as well stay.

Anyway, that line still sends shivers down my spine. One of the reasons I love this movie so much is because it’s gory! And not the Saw franchise gory. But realistic gory. If you look at 2 & 3, they are a lot less gory. The facts say so: Scream used 50 gallons of blood; 30 for Scream 2; and 10 for Scream 3. However, Scream 4  DID live up to the gore in my standards (which is probably why I rate that one rather highly, but we’ll come back to that later.) Also, the idea of using movies in the movie? I love it. There’s actually something I want to discuss about that in 3 but we’ll come to that. I just think that Scream was really graphic and while some earlier horror movies showed next to no blood (yeah original Halloween. I’m looking at you.) this movie was really graphic, and here I think of, again, the opening scene with Drew Barrymore.

Now, here’s a question for Scream 1: Why is Drew Barrymore on one of the promotional posters when she is only in the first 10+ minutes? I ju– I don’t get it! I understand that for the Scream 3 poster the minor character Tyson is there but he lasted a lot longer than Drew.

You guys still with me? Good.

Scream 2 looks (or at least glances) at an issue that would concern most people when watching a horror movie and that is how affected we are by what we are shown by the media: Do movies/ TV shows create killers. Well, here’s one way to look at it:

Movies don’t create psychos. Movies just make psychos more creative.

– Billy Loomis, Scream

I think it’s obvious which scene everyone hates: Randy’s death. Who doesn’t love Randy? He is the buff of horror films. I mean, fans were so outraged Randy had to come back in the third one! This was the scene where you knew what was going to happen and you really didn’t want it to happen. And, in my humble opinion it was the goriest scene in this installment. Nothing was really as gory as that compared to the gore fest in the first one: Casey, Tatum, the video-camera guy.

So, above I mentioned about the movies in a movie, right? Scream 3 was possibly the worst scream yet. And whilst I discussed this fact with my sister and she described it as a ‘low budget movie trying to make it as something big’ and while it may have been just that, can we consider one fact that that we know about trilogies that (was/wasn’t) mentioned by randy on the videotape? The third installment generally isn’t that good. And since the scream trilogy was taking from what they know about trilogies, is it at all possible that this movie was purposely made to look bad? Now this is just my opinion. I haven’t read anything supporting this theory but that’s all it is a theory.

Something that really bothers me from this movie: how did the killer manage to call Sidney at home? There was never any mention of the killer getting the phone. Kincaid got the phone. But there was never any mention of Roman getting the phone. It could have been that Roman got the phone off Kincaid off-screen but, and this is just my opinion, if there had been multiple people using the phone or if Dewey found out that his phone was missing. I don’t know, maybe I’m just finnicky about detail to a script. Ridiculously finnicky!

And finally, Scream 4. Or as I like to call it: Scream: The Next Generation. Reuniting the 3 main character and merging them with a younger cast; introducing this franchise to a new age… I think this movie definitely tried to return to the roots set by the original. (Forgetting the opening ”movie within a movie withing a movie’.) Like in the first one, the phone ringing as soon as we start: 2‘s first victims didn’t get a phone call and 3‘s… let’s not talk anymore about 3.

I found these Third Killer Theories the other night and one of them is actually quite believable. If they do continue on with the franchise I think I would like to see it happen, just to really throw the audience off.

Rumors are abound about a Scream 5. Good idea, bad idea? What do you think? I personally am in favour because I’m a fan and I’d like to see where it’s going.

Writers: If Scream 5 is a go ahead, keep it close to the roots. Don’t go all time travel on it’s ass. Surprise your audience and more importantly: Scare us.



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