This is Halloween (1978)

This is just a little review that comes from my tumblr page! Enjoy:

Halloween is probably one of the best horror/slasher movies ever made. I watched the movie for the first time while taking a break from some…arduous studying (that’s all I’ll say) and it took me most of the day to watch it.

Now I have to admit, I didn’t think the movie would be that frightening but Boy was I wrong. There were three aspects of the movie that caused the terror: music; mike myers cockiness; and the anonymity.

In all honesty, as soon as the opening credits began to roll, I was cowering behind the covers of my bed. There was something so eerie about it: Whenever I hear it now I always experience shivers down my spine. Seriously… What is it about that theme? I heard it on a guess-the-song segment on a radio programme over Halloween (fittingly) and I knew instantly what it was.

There is something so so scary about the character Mike Myers: we know who he is; we know his background; we know that there are police looking for him but we never get to see his face. Aside from the first scene. We have no idea what Myers looks like. He is completely anonymous. Clearly, the William Shatner mask worked: it was cold though at times I felt that it did convey a sense of enjoyment or achievement in what he was doing (taunting Laurie; his acts of murder).

Finally, the thing that really caused the unsettlement for me was mike myers cockiness: when Laurie was walking home from school and he was standing there; when the girls were walking and he stopped the car; when he drove straight past the police officer and the doctor. Why does he think he can get away with it, and more importantly how does he get away with it? It’s broad daylight and he constantly taunts Laurie. It’s Scary: he literally moves like a ghost. He flawlessly floats in and out of scenes unnoticed. I think that is the most daunting thing about this movie. You are constantly looking over your shoulder, checking every corner of the room.

Normally, if there’s a movie with someone I don’t like in it, I will be completely against the movie (and I’m not Jamie Lee Curtis’ biggest fan) but I could very easily watch thus movie over and over again on a dark, stormy night with a big bowl of popcorn.


Ps- i’m about 99% positive the character was Mike Myers.



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