What’s Your Favourite Scary Movie?

I seem to have a theme going on this week so I’m going to milk it for as long as I can (or I HAVE AN EXCUSE TO SPEND MY WEEKEND WATCHING HORROR MOVIES) (Also, is it weird that when I think of the mental institution in Halloween I also think of Terminator 2?)

Here are some of my favourite horrors to watch:


As a side note, watching this trailer on silent and listening to Brooklyn by Wakey! Wakey! is really funny, I found.

I genuinely loved this movie. It scares me every time I watch them. I made a major mistake of watching PA 3 and then spending the night in an empty apartment. I had to fall asleep watching family and played my music really loud when I was leaving a room. Demons terrify me more than aliens do. You can’t see them. Also, I love the style that this movie was shot in: documentary-esque; keeping it real.


See previous post on Halloween.


This movie combines three of my greatest fears: clowns and spiders and demons. Tim Curry is a constant favourite of mine. I tried to watch this trailer but I had to turn off after the second shot


See previous post on Scream


Possibly the most iconic horror movie ever? Hitchcock, the shower scene, Bates’ Motel? This is proper scary. (Fall asleep watching this movie and you’ll have proper nightmares!)

FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980)

A young Kevin Bacon? Yes please! This movie isn’t scary. Not until the end. It’s more suspenseful than anything. You’re constantly, ‘Who will he kill next? Where will he jump out from?’ But keep watching until the end… It’ll be worth it!


A terrifying classic. But once you watch The Simpsons spoof and the Shining spoof trailer on youtube, it just ain’t the same.


Despite the acting not being that great, there was a good story and some really scary bits. Don’t judge me: this was the first scary movie I saw at the ripe old age of 6. That shit stay’s with you!


While the movie DID scare me, and the story was good, I thought it got a bit ridiculous in the end. The main demon didn’t scare me. But overall, I can’t watch this movie at night…

So scary movie suggestions?


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