Backstabbing Journalism; Media Hypocrisy; Censorship; Media Bashing; Morals and Reminiscing.

What is it with the media today? This entry started off as a voice of outrage at the double standards and judgemental nature that the media puts out there and that consumers if the media adopt.

The media are constantly telling us that skinny isn’t the be all and end all yet they parade bikini-clad skinny women in our face almost every day (this might be a bit of an exaggeration.) AND then they turn around and tell us that the lead actress in a huge movie based on a young adult book is too fat to play the lead! Uh, read the story, Katniss hunts she can keep her family alive, she’s allowed a little meat on her bones. C’mon people! Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful, successful, and has a personality that isn’t normally seen on people in Hollywood. don’t turn her into a size 0 cynic, please!

People are commenting on a video that caught Leven Rambin and Alexander Ludwig kissing at a party and reps called this kiss a ‘friendly kiss’. Well maybe it was a friendly kiss! I think what everyone fails to remember about these people is that they are kids, and they are human. They make mistakes and they enjoy their lives. I think that needs to be the message that these role models are sending to kids. People make mistakes; enjoy life; and be a kid when you are a kid, and a responsible adult when you’re an adult! Trust me, I’m trying to fit an entire teenage life into the few years I have left. Not  embracing WHAT I should have WHEN I should have; ALWAYS going for the adult option: not my best move…


And what is this OBSESSION the media has with nudity. TABLIODS! I should say tabloids…

I spent an evening watching a music channel and I was really shocked! I saw much more skin than I needed to (hey, Nicki Minaj, I like your music but if cover up a bit your music doesn’t have to change.) After hours of scantily clad women and women surrounded men (Cheryl Cole was covered up but she was surrounded by men and it looked like she got vomited up by a rainbow) FUN’s We Are Young came on and I was singing away but almost as soon as the part ‘my friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the empire state’ came on ‘higher’ had been censored out. Alright. I don’t have kids and I don’t know what sort of questions they ask but I was really shocked. I remember when I was about 11 or 12 and James Blunt’s song You’re Beautiful would come on the radio. The lyrics were changed from ‘fucking high’ to ‘flying high’. First, when I heard the censored version (which wouldn’t have blocked out the word high) I thought he was so in love with this woman that he had just seen that he felt like he was flying. I never thought about him being high on drugs. Second, at least they had the creativity to change the lyrics to something else and not just scratch it out.

I know times are different, and children are probably more aware than we used to be but I think it’s like the same mind frame as If you tell a child not to do something, they’ll do it. They are going to find out anyway isn’t it better coming from you the parents, you the role models, you the people who should help, not hinder, them in their journey through life. Show them good from bad. I think this needs to start from an early age.

So I’ve gone from hypocrisy, to a media bashing, to an article on moral. Maybe I’m the kind of person who wishes somethings were the way they were when I was a kid. Thinking back, dial up wasn’t so bad. I’m grateful for fast internet for college and reading interesting blogs but I remember a time when we could only use the internet after six and for an hour at a time (weekends it was a free for all) and I was happy. I used to play outside, I used to read more. I had so much more time back then. (I DID get frustrated though when someone started using the phone while I was online. That was a bitch!)

Ok, this is not the direction that I had intended for this entry to go but it has and maybe if one person agrees with me, there will be a future generation with the values we used to have

Magazines with poitive news about celebrities.

I recently succumbed to suggestions of Marie Claire (and I bought a copy of Rolling Stones with J-Law on the cover.)

Marie Claire is a beautiful magazine. It publishes pieces on fashion, beauty, lifestyle (in the August UK issue I came across a rather simple looking key-lime pie recipe that I plan on chancing my arm at.) and real life stories that are amazing. They have a piece about a somalian woman who was kept prisoner and yesterday  I read a piece on Chryogenics (which freaks me out a little bit if I’m being honest!). It was informative, interesting, a little educational for those of us who never really took much notice before. Rolling Stone and Empire Magazine. I like these because I like movies and music. But they are generally poitive. If you want to learn to give constructive criticism (see below) check them out.

So there’s a little rant that’s been boiling up inside of me for a really long time. I know I was a bit harsh but I want my kids to know that making mistakes is OK if they’re within reason.

Oh and something else… If you don’t like a video or a channel on youtube: Stop watching! Or be more constructive with you feedback. Stop saying shit like that’s repetitive of others: come up with your own CONSTRUCTIVE ideas.

And if you don’t like a post someone blogs, stop reading. Seriously. Reading just to be negative and not constructive is uncool.

The point of my last two paragraphs: be positive or constructive, if you can’t do that, don’t leave a comment!

Well, that’s my rant over. Thank you for reading. I hope I’ve struck a nerve with some people.


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