Eyeries Family Fun Day

Eyeries is a picturesque little village in west cork. It’s a tourist hotspot (but then what part of west cork isn’t). The family fun day began last year and was on the 21st and the 22nd of July this year. The weekend consists of stalls, sheep-dog trials, live music, talent shows, dancing and art.

Normally this is the sort of things my parents would steer clear from but my mom insisted that she wanted to support local produce. (I know the real reason she wanted to go but I’ll come back to that later)


The stalls were numerous. There was everything from face painting to jewellery; chip vans to burger vans to ice-cream vans; pottery stalls; Irish dancing; here were even people making wicker baskets. (I was surprised by my sister’s labelling them as hippies. I thought they were actually pretty cool.) I overcame my fear of street performers when a my mom started taking to the man on stilts (I get really freaked out by moving statues and people dressed up as Charlie Chaplin. I love musicians and artists. I was in Cork city one day and there was a woman dressed up as a fairy and she was really beautiful. I wish I’d taken a photo.) There was a really great atmosphere around the place.


All the week there was an Art Trail where the houses in the village housed art work from local artists. There were paintings, sketches, needlework, tapestry, knitting. And this was the real reason my mom wanted to go.

My sister is an incredibly talented artist and knitter. She’s made scarves, hats, corsages. She was paintings of flowers, animals, landscape, or just things from her head. She is also an impressive photographer. She’d kill me if she knew I was posting about her do I’ll only post the products she displayed in the houses.




And here is some other local talent:

So if you’re in the area next year, come and check out the local talent.


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