Watching Derren Brown’s An Evening of Wonder, Learning about Hole Tempting; Reading Mary Rambin’s Blog and Thinking…

I need a camera. Originally I was thinking about a camcorder but leaning towards a regular camera now. I’m off to search…

I should say this. I am hugely influenced by ads. If there’s an ad that I like for something I will think about buying the product. Which is why I’m leaning toward the Nikon camera (I love the Radical Face song that plays, Welcome Home. Such a beautiful song.) I hate online shopping so I’m not going to decide on anything until I get to a shop these are just suggestions.

1. Sony Bloggie

Sony Bloggie

I found this on the Sony site for camcorders and I have to say, I’m kinda smitten. It’s a simple looking machine with the barest of buttons but a multitude of functions. This baby takes videos and photos (what doesn’t?) but takes photos while taking videos (I should say now I’m not very camera savy!)

2. Canon IXUS125BU Powershot 16MP 5X Blue Digital Compact Camera | Digital Cameras | Soundstore.

This is just a funky looking camera. At first I thought it was similar to the bloggie but I soon came to realise that it is a proper camera. I think I was drawn to the cool. Marketing DOES work!

3.Panasonic Lumix DMCSZ1EBS 16MP 10X Silver Slim Travel Digital Camera | Digital Cameras | Soundstore.

I like Lumix. I don’t know why, I don’t have reason to, but I do. And it has a 10x zoom as well. Again, not camera savy.

4. WX7 Digital compact camera

What I like about this one is that the buttons in the back are simple and easy to use. The front is similar to the lumix above.

5. CX190E Full HD Flash Memory camcorder

Again, a simple menu. I don’t know why I didn’t post one of these already. I would love a camcorder but I think for now, for my first purchase, I’ll get a regular camera.

Suggestions on any good cameras/camcorders?



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