Favourite foods

I love food. Everyone loves food. It’s a basic necessity. So here’s a 30 day challenge esque blog about food.

  1. Your current favorite food – Fish. I never used to like it, but now I do.
  2. Your favorite sweet treat – Haribo
  3. Your favorite food when you are sick – Mac & Cheese
  4. Your favorite Winter food – Mac & Cheese
  5. The weirdest thing you like to eat – cheese and chocolate. I know. But it just happened one time. Chocolate biscuit chomped down and then a thin slice of cheese. (And I have yet to try Chocolate Philadelphia)
  6. Favorite food to eat at a sporting event – chips…
  7. Your favorite meal of the day. – Dinner
  8. Your favorite comfort food – Mac & Cheese
  9. The meal you would want for your last dinner – Mac & Cheese
  10. Something you cook well – Stir-fry. It’s just so simple. And Pasta
  11. What you eat when you are sad – Toast. And rolls. Bread in general
  12. Your favorite food from your childhood – Tacos. We only had it once, but I loved them
  13. Your favorite fruit – Oranges. LOVE THEM. Mom gets a back, their gone by that night.
  14. Your favorite cereal – I like Cheerios but right now I love Special K. Is that weird?
  15. Your favorite meal when someone else is buying – Hallomi burgers. So. Good
  16. Something you wish you could cook – Tacos. And Spaghetti Bolognese
  17. Your favorite vegetable – Peppers
  18. Your favorite food to eat in the Summer – Pasta and Prawn Salad. Simple, light, delicious
  19. Your favorite candy – Jelly Sweets
  20. Your favorite pizza toppings(s) – Cheese, Cheese… Cheese
  21. Your current favorite restaurant (provide a link if possible) – This place in Cork called Ketchup/Bully’s. It’s on Paul Street. They did amazing Hallomi burgers. Om nom nom
  22. Food that makes you happy – Mac & Cheese
  23. A food you wish was calorie free and good for you – Chocolate
  24. Favorite food to eat at a Fair/Carnival/Festival – Chips
  25. Your least favorite food – I hate Mayonaise. Hate it. Can’t even look at the jar without gagging.
  26. Your favorite sandwich – Peanut Butter and Jam
  27. Your favorite food on a stick – CHEESE!

There. I know. I don’t know if I did this just to have something to post. But I really wanted to put out the whole cheese and chocolate thing. Is there anyone else out there, or is that just me?



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