What do you get when you cross Harry Potter with Greek mythology?


PERCY JACKSON! I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. This is just my 2cents.

I wasn’t exactly hopeful with this movie because all I’ve heard is that it is a terrible movie. I was surprised. I didn’t think it was that bad.

Here are just some of the questions that I had to ask myself during the movie:

  • Oh my god, is that Kevin McKidd?
  • Who playes Hermes?
  • Wow, that’s Stella from CSI New York?
  • Uh, is it just me or do the effects look really fake?
  • Can Uma Thurman even act?

Aside from the special effects and what was (in my opinion) really bad writing, it was a good movie. And yes there were things in the book that I wanted to see in the movie (namely the pit where Kronos is) and things that were unnecessary (did you really have to imply a romantic storyline from the VERY beginning?) I was glad to see an appearance by the Hydra (What? Their my favourite mythological creature.) But the movie pretty much keeps to the books story. Brandon Jackson (?) was really good in this movie: he made me laugh. and I don’t mean a bit of a snort that I do when I find something funny. I mean an actual laugh.

The book kept me gripped and right now I’m in the middle of Sea Of Monsters (when I find the time) which has me gripped again.

I like Logan Lerman. I’m excited for Sea Of Monsters. They seem to know that the first movie was a fail and the cast of this movie is making it look very promising: Nathan Fillion, Stanley Tucci, Leven Rambin…

I’m so excited for this release that I really can’t hide it.



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