Just a quick rundown of my purchases


Vintage Umbrella Brooche

Where: Mercury Goes Retrograde (Behind Dunnes Stores)
How Much: €18.00






Scissors necklace
Where: Turquoise Flamingo
How Much: €8 (excl. student discount)




Book Earrings

Where: Turquoise Flamingo
How Much: €12.00




Tulip Earrings
Where: Peacock and Ruby (Patrick St. entrance of The English Market)
How Much: €6.00


Red blouse, blazer and jeans (Generics)
Where: Penneys
How Much: Altogether they came to about €40.00 (give or take)
Additional Notes: So generic I’m not going to waste time posting a picture

Striped summer dress/travel dress
Where: H&M
How Much: €9.95
Additional Notes: So comfortable that it’s my travel dress. I went shopping at 9.00 am on a really hot day and this is what I found!




Angus Stone Broken Brights

Where: HMV
How Much: €20.00




The Office season 1

Where: Golden Discs
How Much: €9.00



Wedding Dress
Where: Dorothy Perkins
How Much: €69.00 but it was on sale and a student discount so it tallied up to just over €27.00
Additional Notes: As much as I hate being a tease, photos of the dress are not available at this time.

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