Recommendations – Cork Edition

If ever you are in the area and stuck for a nice, chilled out time, here’s a little teaser of some of the wonders Cork has to offer.

Uncle Pete’s

Uncle Pete’s is situated on Paul Street. It is a lovely establishment. The staff is friendly and the food is unbelievable. They do pastas and pizzas and burgers. My staple is the halloumi burger for €10.00. It’s a huge slice of halloumi in a burger – TO DIE FOR! (I’m a hard-core cheese fan) I used to go here with my sister every week and at the end of May they underwent renovations. While I miss the usual booths which have been thrown out in favour of white tables and chairs, I love the wallpaper. It was custom made. You can’t really see it from the photo but it’s old movie posters – Rocky Horror, Bringing Up Baby, etc.

The Web Workhouse

The Web Workhouse is a 24/7 internet café. Their prices are generous. While I don’t know how much it costs to use their WI-FI I do know that if you buy a cup of coffee and ask nicely you will get 30 minutes free WI-FI access. OR you could just buy a cup of coffee and sit down to read or journal. The Web Workhouse is located across from Hallmark on Winthrop avenue.

The Triskel

If you’re looking for a place to buy good music in the form of CDs or Records, PLUGD is upstairs in The Triskel, as is the church-turned-cinema, while a quaint little café is downstairs. I really enjoy coming to this place. I recommend the hot chocolate and one time when I was there I had he most amazing Lavender CupCake.

The Quays or the Peace Park are beautiful places to stroll through on sunny days.

So… Come to this little city of ours and enjoy the wonders.

FUN FACT: There are so many clocks in Cork but none of them tell the same time!



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