shit i love right now

I just thought that I’d give you all a look at some stuff that I’m swooning over at the moment.



Occasionally I will get a notion to put on a pair of earrings but lately I find myself wearing them day after day. I’ve been wearing faux pearl earrings for a while. You can get them cheaply anywhere (I do plan on wearing real pearl earrings sometime). Peacock & ruby in the Patrick Street entrance to the English Market (in Cork) do really amazing tulip earrings in yellow and purple. They look so unique and I’m pretty sure they are handmade. The ones I bought are pale blue with – I want to say bronze – detail. Very pretty and only €6. And finally I found really cool book earrings in Turquoise Flamingo on Washington Street. They were made by a real bookbinders. The ones I bought are olive green binding with gold lettering on the front. They can open up though there is no writing on the inside.



Peter Pan Collar



Peter Pan Collars

My monochrome dress with the Peter Pan collar? Yeah I did buy that just for the collar. I probably could have bought it for a few more practical reasons but I didn’t. I just think that they make a regular looking dress or top look that little bit more fun and girly.



Percy & Reed Finishing Polish

Have I mentioned this lately? It is my saviour. While there is still a lot of frizz, my hair is so much more manageable and remains so for days after I wash it.

High waisted skinny jeans.

It’s sad to say but i don’t have a single pair of high waisted jeans let alone high waisted skinny jeans. Thy make the entire lower torso appear smaller, make the leg appear longer and are classy. I’m no stylist but I would pair these with my wine red blouse and heeled oxfords to bring a 70s look back. Also I really want heeled oxfords.


And finally: I did something bad. I bought a album based on the packaging. Angus Stone Broken Brights came in a brown woven bag AND a deck of really cool cards!









And I almost forgotI’m loving Catrice ‘Pinkadilly Circus’ lipstick right now. It’s a rose colour… kinda pink with a hint of red. I don’t know how to describe it and pictures don’t do it justice. But it tastes like cherries and it’s so good. Lasts ages!


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