When it comes to dresses is it a case of style or price?

Ain’t about the cha-ching, cha-ching
Ain’t about the ba-bling, ba-bling

Forget about the price tag

There’s a girl I know who will be attending her third debs/prom/grad/le bal de debutante this year and she is going all out and buying a new dress. Now, I’m all for shopping but these dresses are anything but cheap and not all that pretty and the ones that are are over-the-top-ed with accessories and hair and orange skin that is supposed to be tan andwhat not. Seriously, at my debs she was possibly the most dolled up person there and I feel sorry for her and all the effort she put in because it did nothing for her and she spent a lot of time in the bathroom anyway.

On the other spectrum, there’s my friend who got a beautiful designer dress which was marked way way down. I think it cost something between €200-€500. I know: that still is a lot of money, but when she went again this year, she wore the exact same dress and each year she looked stunning!

So I was wondering: is it style that matters or is it ALL about the price tag?

I think I am all about the style. For my debs, I wore the same dress my sister had worn to hers a few years earlier which, at the time, cost maybe €80; for my brother’s wedding another sister is wearing a dress that she wore to a wedding previously which cost €50; and for two wedding that I attended/will attend this year, I spent no more than €30  and the dresses were really nice.

Wedding No. 1

Here’s a run-down of how much I spent for my sister’s wedding:

  • Dress: €30 from Penneys
  • Cardigan: €10-€20 from New Look
  • Shoes: €25 from New Look
  • Slip: €10 from Dunnes
  • Jewellery: Earrings-€3; Ring and necklaces-gifts for my confirmation
  • Headband: €5 from Penneys
  • Hair & Makeup: Everything I already had in my makeup bag

Wedding No.2

For the upcoming wedding, this is how it’s looking:

  • Dress: €27 ftom Dorothy Perkins
  • Shoes: no more than €20
  • Jewellery: No more than a €10 hopefully (I have staple jewellery that I wear constantly with sentimental meaning so I want to work that in.)
  • Hair & Makeup: Myself (I want to make my own hair accessories so if anyone has any suggestions on that maybe let me know?)

It’s not that I’m cheap and I’m trying to get away with spending as little money as possible: I was planning on spending maybe €100 on the dress alone. I went into every shop I could find: Debenhams, Coast, Monsoon, French Connection, Warehouse, Swamp. There wasn’t anything there that suited me or looked remotely suitable for a wedding until I walked into Dorothy Perkins and found this one. I bought it then and there. But before I saw it I had had no idea that it was 45% off with sale AND student discount (it was €69 down to €27 something.)

Style is all about personal tastes. So if you find something that works for you and isn’t going to break the bank, is that such a bad thing. I had the best debs because I wasn’t overly concerned with spilling something on my super expensive dress; I was in pain because I’d spent so much money on high heel shoes that killed my feet. I was happy because I was with my friends and I was comfortable in what I was wearing.

What do you think when it comes to Style VS Price Tag?



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