What I did to Beautify Myself

On Saturday morning, before the Bridal Shower, my Mom and I had a girly moment. We booked in to JESSIES in Bantry to get our eyebrows done. I was initially going to get them waxed for a tidy up (a tidy up, my ass) but 1.) the technician said that I might be allergic to the wax (as it turned out I wasn’t!) so I ventured (hesitantly: I’ve only ever plucked my eyebrows twice in three years because I am terrified to find out how high my pain threshold goes) for the PLUCKING and THREADING option instead (which terrified me!) and 2.) I went from having full (and messy) eyebrows to having full, neat, smaller and way more attractive eyebrows.

The technician was so nice. I was really apprehensive about the plucking and threading (bad experiences and horror stories respectively). But OHMYGOD! I found that threading was so much better than plucking: Plucking involves the slow process of taking one at a time but threading took many at once and stung about as much as plucking would. (when it comes to stubborn hairs, plucking is so much better: it felt like the thread got stuck in my face.)

I know, maybe, when you hear the word threading, you might think it’s putting a needle through your eyebrows and going that way (I did anyway.) But that’s not the case. She had some thread and just pulled it through.


Pictures are terrible but they are much neater in the lower image

My eyebrows are so much more neater than they used to be and if I had bee left to my own devices, I would have plucked an odd few and kept the bushiness (thinking I was pulling off the Keira Knightly look). Maybe next time I will try waxing them. That should be fun.

I apologise. My explanation of threading is terrible and out of all the questions I asked, HOW TO was not one of them. She did:

  • recommend MOROCCAN OIL for frizzy hair
  • let me know that you need to be trained to do threading and you can’t JUST DO IT

(For the record, I don’t think that my life is something people actually care about, I just know how much I appreciate blogs out there that give advice on the little things.)

More experiences to come!




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