Song Covers

I used to hate shows like The X-Factor. I didn’t see why these shows would have the winner release covers (while I’m not a major fan of Alexandra Burke and her version of Halleluljah, I understood that song being relaeased more than I did when Matt Cardle covered Many of Honour, a song that had been released only a few years ago.)

Everly vs. Pat Benatar, We Belong

No, I am not saying this because I have some sort of girl crush on BJG. I genuinely prefer Everly‘s version. Maybe it has to do with the fact that, eventually, 80s love ballads end up sounding the same anyway (I had a difficult time trying to recall who did the original: was it Pat, Whitney, Tina? Who did it!?) AND I’m not saying I hate 80’s music: I love Your Love by The Outfields, Gold by Spandau Ballet, Africa by Toto. I love the drum use throughout the song and BJG has an exceptional voice anyway and I think the harmonising towards the end is done much better! I get chills everytime I listen to Everly‘s cover.

Glee cast vs. Hey Monday, Candles 

Glee Cast, hands down. I love the harmonising at the end between Darren and Chris. I just didn’t think there was anything particularly special about the Hey Monday version (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.) The Glee version just sounds so much more powerful.

Birdy vs. Bon Iver, Skinny Love

I love both of these versions: they are both on Henry (my iPod.) So this is a very hard decision for me to make. I think both of these artists blow this song out of the water (in a good way) because of their very different styles. Bon Iver has a instrument filled, laid back feel to it, while Birdy‘s version is just a piano and relaxing (her album is one that I fall asleep listening to) I also have a sentimental attachment to Birdy‘s version. Birdy or Bon Iver? You decide:

Mystery Jets vs The Baseballs vs Leona Lewis, Bleeding Love

I can safely say that the Leona Lewis version is my least favourite version of this song. Truth be told, I don’t know if I like the chilled out Mystery Jets version more that the rock & roll version of The Baseballs. I guess these types of comparisons really depend on the mood.

So… Mystery Jets:


The Baseballs:

Tyler Hilton vs Tom Waits, Missing You

Tyler Hilton, hands down. I used to really, really love the Tom Waits version but lately I’ve been crushing on Hilton’s music and he kind of pushed Waits out. (On that note: the Tyler & Taylor version is brilliant.)

Milla Jovoich vs Creedance Clearwater Revival, Proud Mary

No way can I decide between a Ukranian/Russian (?) version and an English version. They are both superb. I love them both.

Ingrid Michaelson vs Lick the Tin vs Elvis, Can’t Help Falling In Love

I love them all. They are my top 3 versions, but in this order: IM, EP, LTT. Michaelson’s version always makes me cry. It is oh so romantic. Elvis is the King of Rock and Roll, so how can I not love that one and Lick The Tins is a really fun, traditional take on a classic.




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