Labryinth Review

Labryinth 1986

I watched Labryinth last night and I have to say: I watch a lot of scary movies and don’t get scared but this one really scared me. I was really impressed with it. It never once left me bored. AND it had BOWIE! (But we’ll come back to that in a little while.)

Alright, review: let’s start…

Labryinth tells the story of teenager Sarah who loves fairy tales and becomes angry when she is left home alone to mind her baby brother while her father and her step-mother go out to dinner. Frustrated with her situation Sarah inadvertently summons the Jareth the Goblin King to take the baby away. To reach the baby, Sarah must reach the Goblin castle in the centre of the Labryinth and, while on her quest, she learns a few life lessons.

There are so many beautiful things about the movie. I love Sarah’s costume at the start and throughout the movie – the jeans and the shirt with the puffy shoulders – and her dress and make-up during the ball scene were stunning. Another notable mention in the ball scene is Jareth’s eye makup. I love that. And all of his costumes throughout the movie (Bowie in tight pants, anyone?).

This movie was both beautiful and terrifying all at once. It wasn’t even the goblin’s that made the movie scary. It was Jareth and seeing how far he would actually go to stop Sarah.

I think that this clip is pretty incredible portrayal of the beauty and the terror in the film

The Cast

Jennifer Connelly plays young Sarah and she really hasn’t aged a day from this movie. There could have been a really bad casting mistake here: casting a young actress who over dramatises every movement of this young heroine, but Connelly plays it perfectly.

David Bowie plays Jareth wonderfully, portraying a creepy, obsessive, villain, and while he adds the scare factors to the film, he also adds some light-hearted scenes, for instance, the first clip I showed, where he is singing what is possibly my favourite song in the movie.

Favourite Scenes

  • Ball scene
  • Magic Dance scene – I want to learn the dance moves to this movie (FUN FACT: during this number, the baby wouldn’t make any sounds so Bowie had to make all the gurgling sounds)
  • In the beginning when Sarah finds Toby gone, the thunder and lightning outside, and the goblins start popping in and out of everywhere
  • That fist scene with Luto made me cry… What a cutie!

And on a final note, with the likes of Jim Henson and George Lucas behind it, how could it have possibly gone wrong?



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