I want you – I need you – I love you – I miss you

I watched Like Crazy last night. I had high hopes for this movie because of Jennifer Lawrence and Anton Yelchin playing parts in it. I was somewhat disapppointed.

Anna and Jacob meet at an LA University and fall instantly in love, so in love that Anna decides violate her student visa to stay with Jacob. She makes the mistake of returning to the UK for a few days and, upon her return to LA, is unable to pass through customs and must return to the UK. The movie chronicles their relationship: the good, the bad, the beautiful and the hurtful.

At the start I was hopeful. The movie was well written, beautifully shot, and excellently casted. I felt for the characters. I fell in love with the scenes and how they were shot, but by the time Jacob plucked up the nerve to visit her, I was beginning to not care about their relationship. I was hoping that by the time the film came to a close, they would be apart, in relationships with other people who they did truly love while still having a love for each other. I was getting really tired of the on again off again. As for the end, it left me somewhat confused.

So, no, Like Crazy was not the most amazing movie I had ever scene.

The Cast

Felicity jones plays leading lady Anna, who meets And falls in love with Jacob while studying in LA on a student visa. Not wanting to leave Jacob, Anna violates her visa and is unable to enter back into LA until such a time as her ban is lifted. I’ve never seen Felicity Jones in anything else other than this movie but I really REALLY want to now. I think she was a wonderful actress. I especially liked her fashion in the movie so I think this is an actress to watch out for.

Jacob is played by Anton Yelchin who I loved in Criminal Minds and The Beaver (with Jennifer Lawrence). I enjoyed his character. He seemed to be a bit more realistic about their relationship despite being in love with Anna. He knew the the long distance on off relationship was ruining them and couldn’t last and he seemed to be making more of an effort to carry on with his life. I’m not sure how much I can say about this character. I just feel like we didn’t get enough of a story about him that didn’t involve Anna, while we got to see Anna outside of the relationship.

And a notable mention is Jennifer Lawrence who plays Sam, a love interest for Jacob. I think I felt more for Sam than I did for Anna. Maybe it has something to do with my high hopes for this movie crumbling or that I love Jennifer Lawrence but I felt happy for her and sad for her at certain times.

Favorite Scenes

  • The entire beginning before she goes back to UK
  • All the scenes with Jennifer Lawrence
  • The scene in – I want to say – Covent Garden, with all the stalls. I thought it was a really beautifully shot scene.

I’m not going to say anymore on this. I don’t want to bash it because I really did enjoy the movie to a point.



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