Pretty Freaking Awesome

I spent my night watching the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars (thanks for the twitter advice Troian Bellisario, I was glad for it.) No, it is not my plan to post a spoiler ridden entry about PLL. It is my plan to discuss these new dramas we are seeing, for instance, PLL, Revenge and the 2010 Summer Murder Mystery show, Harper’s Island (please tell me I wasn’t alone in loving that show?)

Why am I hooked on these shows? The story, the plot line, the fact that we are constanly in suspense. We know that these people are on their own; that there is no BAU or CSI people coming to solve the case. These are shows (along with American Horror Story but that’s for another day) genuinely scare me. I spent a great deal of the last two nights covering my eyes with a blanket until I was certain that the scary scenes were over. And not just that: I’m moved by them. I cried at the last two or three episode of Harper’s Island (especially the very last montage); I’ve cried with Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer; I’ve begged the TV to show my favourite couple’s finally getting their act together. Why? Is it because I get really attached to characters regardless of how many times I watch the show? Well, yes, but unlike my other crime drama’s, I don’t watch the show JUST for the character’s. I’m dying to know who is A. I was really hoping that the Harper Island Killer was not one of the character’s that I’ve come to know and love.

I’m going to digress for a second and talk about two typical crime drama’s that I watch – Criminal Minds and CSI Miami. I will never say that these are not two of my favourite shows. I adore them for the experiences that I’ve had with them and for what they’ve got me through – Have I mentioned that I’m a sentimental fool? I used to love these shows for both the stories and the characters – especially the earlier seasons. But lately I have been finding myself getting bored with the same recycaled crap that’s been changed here and there and find myself only REALLY paying attention when the main character’s interact with each other – in one case, I have actually begun to get rather disenchanted with numerous main characters plainly because I’ve stopped feeling for them.

Pretty Little Liars is set in the fictional town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. It follows Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer as they deal with the loss of their friend, Alison, and a tormentor/stalker who goes by A, who is threatening to spill all their Dirty Little Secrets. Yes, it is a teenage drama. Yes, I have 8 of the books upstairs because I’m getting very into my YA. Yes, this is my guilty pleasure and I love it!  I think it is possible to say that I could watch this show for it’s wardrobe alone.

Harper’s Island was a 13 episode long series which took place on an island off the coast of Seattle – I think. Abby is returning to the island for her best friendn’s wedding. She is returning to the place where her mom was murdered and a place that holds a lot of history for her. I was really impressed with this show. It was a real who dunnit. I felt for the characters and I was dying to know who the killer was. It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Revenge. Honestly, I only just started watching this show. I finished the first episode right before typing this segment. To be honest, I’m intrigued. I’m itching to watch more. I think Emily VanCamp’s character is very complex and that is only after one episode and a few promo’s that I’ve seen – in one particular scene I was dead impressed with her bad-assery. And, as I am becoming one of those girls who is getting really into fashion lately, I love the clothes and the dresses. AND the scenery! So beautiful. Yes, high hopes for this show. Review will definitely be coming up.

I know that there are things out there like Desperate Housewives – which mixes both Drama and Comedy – and Crime dramas such as Criminal Minds or the Law & Order franchise or the CSI franchise where you rarely connect with a victim; you only feel for the main cast; and the most interesting cases often involve the main cast. But these three afore mentioned shows seem to be in a brand new league. I hope we can get more of these gems.

But, why not see for yourselves?



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