After Such A Long Time of Not Trusting Juices I Think I’m Finally Jumping On The Band Wagon

I’m starting to feel my ripe 18 eighteen years taking it’s toll. I was on the road for all day Monday, some of Tuesday, most of Thursday and most of Friday. By Thursday evening I was exhausted to the point that I slept in the car. A feat I never thought I could do. And I was not a happy camper when I was woken up at 8.00 Friday morning, had toast, got changed and we left. By 11.00, I was feeling kinda peckish and not wanting to ruin my newly done teeth (I went to the dentist on Thursday which heightened my tiredness0) I vetoed the caffine and opted for a juice.


My poison of choice: banana, pineapple, strawberry and carrot. It tasted really good. I couldn’t taste the carrots and I just about finished it. Half way through I was starting to feel full and this was a regular size.. Now I’m not big on the juice thing: it drives me crazy when I see my sister pulling out the blender and when I smell the green juice my stomach turns. But this one was very satisfying.

So, yes, I will definitely start drinking more juices. And yes, when the time is right, I will try a Green Juice…

Wish me luck



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