First it was the reign of Will Farrell and co. Then came the Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Bradley Coopers. But finally, the ladies are ruling. In the form of Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthey, Ellie Kemper and Wendi McLendon-Covey in a refreshing chick flick/ rom – com… however you want to spin it. But I will say this, if it is a rom-com, it is definitely more  -com than rom-.

Annie (Wiig) is a failed bakery owner who is clearly struggling in every aspect of her life which takes quite a turn when she learns that her best friend from childhood (Rudolph) is getting married and things don’t begin to get any better when Annie meets the other bridesmaids (Byrne, Kemper, McCarthy, Covey). With a lot of laughs and cringes that make this a worth adversary of The Hangover, this movie is definitely one for all the girls (and it makes it so much better that the eye candy is in the form of Irish man, Chris O’Dowd, and Mad Men‘s, Jon Hamm.)

The Cast

Kristen Wiig leads the cast as Annie, a young woman who had previously owned her own bakery but was forced to close down. Annie is seen to be desperate for some form of company, especially in the form of men as her relationship with Jon Hamm is shown to be purely physical for him. Her life takes a turn when she finds out that her best friend is getting married and gets worse when she meet the rich, high-class clique her friend will soon be joining.

Maya Rudolph plays best friend, Lillian, who is getting married. Lillian is seen to be quite overwhelmed with the life she is marrying into and truly appreciates her friendship with Annie.

The bridesmaids are Helen, played by Rose Byrne, who is the second wife of a rich man and the step – mother to his children and she quickly begins to fight Annie for the ‘number one friend’ spot in Lillian’s life; Becca, played by Ellie Kemper, is a newly wed who is very innocent and naive (I love Kemper from The Office US) and who quickly develops an attachment to long time wife and mother of three boys, Rita (Covey), who is clearly disenchanted with her life and bitter when giving advice to Becca; and, finally, Melissa McCarthy plays Lillian’s future sister in law, Megan, who is very unlike any of the other women, who provides comedy and reality to a high society-set movie.

Favourite Scenes

  • Dress fittings – so funny.
  • Annie and Helen trying to get Chris O’Dowd’s attention
  • End scene
  • Airplane scene
  • When Annie makes the cupcake – what girl wouldn’t love that
  • The Bridal Shower

All in all, I really enjoy this movie when I do watch it. I will say this though, what is up with Chris O’Dowd’s accent?


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