The Hunger Games Fashion

I know what you’re thinking: How can someone think about fashion when presented with such dark subject material? But I found a way. From the very beginning. I’m sorry, it’s like a homing beacon! But let’s begin, shall we…

Katniss – Jennifer Lawrence

From the very first scene I was like, I want that jacket, I want those boots. (Sadly, I couldn’t find a still of the boots. Sad face!) I love the leather jacket. It  looks like it fits just perfectly on Jennifer Lawrence – it doesn’t look too tight or too loose. The loose, dark brown pants are cords, I think, from a close up – if you watch really closely in the film you can see the ridges. And the boots – my fatal flaw is my love of boots – are gorgeous. Knee high, lace ups.

I love the yellow silk pyjama top and nightdress Lawrence wears in this movie. Firstly, I would never think about wearing yellow to bed. It’s just never occurred to me before. I usually wear really muted colours or creams/greys to bed and I love shirts that have a band at the bottom that let’s the rest of the top just… flow… over it. Very nice, very comfortable looking.

The Girl On Fire



At first I was a bit skeptical of this dress. I didn’t think it was very fitting for The Girl On Fire. But after watching the movie a total of three times already, I began to see the detail on the dress. The gems; the flare at the top; and the material change at the bottom. Very VERY Girl on Fire. Also, I like how the dress goes from orange to red very subtly. (Well, I think it’s subtle – I never noticed it before.)



Again, very comfortable looking arena gear: Simple v-neck t-shirt, comfortable pants – I especially love the double belt thing she’s got going on there. I like big belts – I think they’re cool. And, of course, the iconic jacket.

And finally, I think that dress would make anybody feel like a princess. The light shade highlights her features and her dark hair, so I was very pleased with this choice. I love the details, subtle and otherwise i.e the multiple layers at the bottom, the sleeves

Glimmer – Leven Rambin

To kick off Glimmer, while I like but don’t love this…

… who wouldn’t kill for those curls? And I am only just now noticing the details on the dress. Really pretty. I think this could be a winner in my books without the cape and head-wear.

I wish my hair would do that.

Again, amazing hair. I didn’t like the dress at first, but it is kind of growing on me. I think it brings out Glimmer’s upbringing and her sexy streak but I think that there could have been a more luxurious choice for the interviews. Even Clove is decked out in something better than this.

Effie Trinket – Elizabeth Banks

My favourite Effie outfit is the lilac (?) peplum dress she wears the night of the District Parade. The gold and lilac go extremely well together and the material looks to die for! And of course I am all about the detail (And BELTS!)

And Finally

The training centre attire. I came so close to buying this on eBay. It looks like it would make great workout gear!

So there are my favourite’s from the film. I’m doing this because I’m obsessed with The Hunger Games, but I didn’t bring my dvd with me so screen caps it is!



2 thoughts on “The Hunger Games Fashion

  1. Hi…I found your blog while looking for some good HG photos. I actually now OWN the actual Glimmer tribute training costume! and it’s probably going to be the most awesome movie prop I’ve ever seen much less owned! I am also a fan of Leven’s so I’m hoping she might be so kind as to send me an autographed photo of herself in it to go with the outfit to be displayed in a special shadow box. I love the photos you’ve posted, great choices!

    • I am incredibly jealous right now. I absolutely love Leven and her personal style as well as her character style. I can’t wait to see what her character looks like in The Tomorrow People.

      I’m glad you like the post.


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