Leven Rambin @ Perks Of Being A Wallflower Premiere

DISCLAIMER: I have no idea who or what she is wearing all I know is that I love everything about this outfit.

There is nothing I can say to fault this outfit. The dress is gorgeous. Simple, elegant. I would love to wear this dress to a wedding but alas, I must wish on. I love the panelling on the side and the change of material. (Panelling seems to be very ‘in’ this year.) The lilac brings out her colour. Love this dress.

The shoes are gold (I think) and are a very classy option. I especially love the the panelling on the front.

Finally, hair & makeup. She does au natural very, VERY well. Not the best make-up picture I have but it definitely proves my point. The palette is pinks and nudes. (Which, again, I wish I could pull off) and her hair is done in her natural wavy locks.

One of my style go-tos, she always manages keep classy and not go over the top (even casual is classy.)



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