Original Halloween vs Rob Zombie’s 2007 remake

I’ve been planning this post for so long I figured it was about time I got around to writing it.

The original Halloween was just classy. That was the only note I had to make before I started writing this post.

About 10 minutes into the remake, I could safely say that the original Halloween was so much better.

The two movie’s tell them same story. On Halloween night, Michael Myers goes on a killing spree in the same town where he murdered his sister years before.

I never used to be a fan of oldies (and by oldies I mean as recent as the 80s.) I guess I always felt like they were cheap. Then I went through a phase of despising remakes: in the words of Sydney Campbell ‘Don’t fuck with the original!’ But recently I’ve learned to love movies not just for their originality but their quality, the way they are shot, the emotions they evoke.

So, while I watch Rob Zombie’s Halloween and feel my stomach churn and will myself to finish watch it, I wonder why I’m covering my eyes out of disgust and not out of fear or horror; I wonder why the filmmakers felt the need to show topless women and sex scenes before every murder. Seriously? I get it, sex sells and at the end of the day this is all about making money for some people but why? I’m probably going to start sounding like my sister and her ‘tvs bad for you. Video games and media turn people into killers.’ but why would someone make a movie where two people have sex and then are killed immediately afterwards. Isn’t kinda like saying that murder is hot? Could it condition people to think like that?

Alright, I know I’m going off of point but when I look at the original I remember spending an entire movie trying to watch that movie because I was so scared because of what wasn’t shown. It was when the killer moved ghost like in and out of the room. This is a movie that had one major (yet very minimal) sex scene and nudity was non-existing compared to the remake. And we’re talking about what is now considered a classic in the horror genre.

(That goes for Friday the 13th as well. I think I stopped watching the reboot before it finished… If you can call it a reboot.)

So to sum up: non-existent nudity, non-existent gore = a terrifying classic; Maximum gore, nudity and sex = the constant questioning of when will this be over.

I’m not totally bashing this film. Zombie made this movie dark and disturbing and if this had been an original, I might have been less critical of it but it wasn’t and I was.

Give me cheap scares over gore-fests any day.

Oh, THAT’s why I like Paranormal Activity so much.


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