Gratitude: The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

A polite expression used when acknowledging a gift, service, or compliment, or accepting or refusing an offer.

I’m a very appreciative person. When someone does something sweet for me, even (and usually) when it is the tiniest gesture, I find it impossible to show my gratitude. Is that weird?

My brother and ‘sister’ (I use the quote marks because she’s really my sister-in-law) went away on their honeymoon and on a Friday night, after giving me a lift home on a two-hour journey, they told me that they got me tobelerone.

When I got accepted to college, my sister gave me notebook as a present and wrote a really beautiful card and I cried really, really hard.

I practically lived with my brother last year – my first year in college and my first year living away from home – and I wrote a thank you card and attempted to show my gratitude for it over and over again, yet it just never seems like enough.

Is it odd that I’m more gratuitous towards the little things than the big things?

I wrote an email asking for advice about something to someone and she replied promptly. Now, e-mail number one went from being a plea for help to being an expression of my gratitude for everything she’s done for me and how she lifted my spirits when I was down. The kicker: she didn’t know she was doing it. Isn’t that hilarious: someone didn’t know that they were helping me and yet I needed to express my gratitude, to her and to her acquaintance, just to let them know that they were able to put a smile on my face without even knowing it.  I still feel like I haven’t completely done enough.

I know there comes a time when you can say ‘thank you’ too many times and it comes off as… annoying.

I just can’t help but express my gratitude to people, especially for the little things. So, I guess I’ll continue my gratitude and take the annoyed looks as they come.

So, thank you, for reading, for staying, for visiting, for everything!



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