Three Sure Fire Ways To Piss Me Off…

I get really angry when someone is condescending towards me. This really pissed me off especially in secondary school. The teachers expect you to ‘Act Like An Adult’ but they rarely treat you like an adult and when they do, it’s a rare moment.

‘Oh, I know you.’ Ah, hang on a second: you know nothing about me. I take this as an insult when it comes from someone that I hardly know. It’s like they’re only scraping at the surface and assumes that I have no depth. Well, I do. I just tend to keep that depth locked away until I feel more comfortable around you. And assuming you know me doesn’t help you get through to the abyss (I rewrote that so many time to get a non-sexual sound to it.)

Judging me. Don’t judge me. I’ll admit, I used to judge people by what I saw and not by what I experienced and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by what I’ve experienced. I’ve learned not to judge people; I don’t believe in first impressions – there are two many factors pushing them one way or another; and taste is like opinions, each to their own. I have my own taste in music, books, movies, etc. and you have yours. So don’t scoff at Taylor Swift on my iPod or call me a wuss because of the scary movies that scare me or call me vain because I’ve become interested in fashion and beauty (I’m a girl: screw you world!)

Those are my three. I can guarantee if anyone pulls any of this shit on me, I turn into stubborn, difficult Aisling, who couldn’t give a shit what you think (in other words, the bitch comes out to play)

Watch out!




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