Something Else That Pisses Me Off…

The other day I posted about some things that really get at me (or in the words of Peter Griffin ‘Ya know what really grinds my gears!?’) but last night I realised that I left something out. That would be the complete and utter disrespect and ignorance drivers have for pedestrians


I was in Italy a few years ago and I was shocked that, when the green man was flashing to tell pedestrians to go, the cars kept driving. Now this was more so in Salerno than Rome but it still happened. I was really surprised.

And occassionally, yes, I know some people have good reasons for running red lights, but last night was a real kicker.

I ran into a friend yesterday evening and we decided to go for a walk. We got to a traffic lights and we waited for the light to go green. In fact, the light had been green for a while before we crossed. Let me clarify: it had been green long enough for the traffic to stop but not too long that we had to ruch to cross the road. And just as I stepped off the footpath, this woman came by, hooting her horn and ran the red light and continued hooting her horn. Typing this down, I realise that maybe she was rushing to the nearby hospital or maybe she had to get home to an emergency. But did she have to be so ignorant in her hurry? It would have taken us ten seconds to cross the road.

It really bothers me the way that people who drive or ride bikes have no respect for pedestrians.

Am I really the only one that gets really pissed off by this?



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