The LUSH-ious Side To Life

Have you ever felt so sick that you got all dressed up just ti feel that little bit better? Well, I have a new solution.

As much as I love Boots, when I’m down, I tend to splurge in Lush for my personal hygiene/grooming (whatever you want to call it.)

My top 3 you ask? No… Oh. Well, here they are anyway!

Bath Bombs

Dragon’s Egg

I usually have a shower over taking a bath. I think that the idea of cleaning in a bath is really contradictory. I usually have a bath when my back is acting up or I just need some chill out time. My favourites are the Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb and the Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb. The Dragon’s Egg turns the water orange, makes bubbles and smells so good! The Tisty Tosty has flower petals in it that spread around in the water and leaves your skin feeling so soft. Other recommendations: Big Blue Bath Bomb which smells like the oceanand turns the water blue.

Facial Scrub

My only go-to from Lush is the Ocean Sea Face Scrub. It contains grapefruit infusions, lime extracted in vodka, sea salt, avocado butter (all and other ingredients found on the website). It leaves my skin feeling really fresh and smelling like grapefruit. It’s my favourite.

Foot Cream

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter is amazing to put on my feet after walking around all day, hitting the gym, showering and changing into my Jimmy Jammys and right before curling into bed. They make my feet super soft and feeling really nice.

So, yes, Lush is amazing. I love it. It’s turning me onto organic products. It’s like a spa trip without having to leave the house.


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