Top 10 Movie Recommendations for Halloween

This is just a quick rundown of the horrors that I love at this time of year. Like, super quick…

  1. Psycho – ‘We all go a little mad sometimes’
  2. Halloween – The original babysitter slasher. Michael Meyers is evil personified
  3. The Birds – I can finally see why people are scared of birds. There is one scene you will not be expecting. Classic Hitchcock
  4. Hocus Pocus – classic childhood movie
  5. Scream Movies – love Ghostface, love Randy and this always gets me.
  6. Paranormal Activity Movies – positively terrifies me. I think it’s the cheap scares
  7. Scary Movie Movies – hilarious and gross
  8. Night of the Living Dead – great and horrifying visual effects
  9. Stephen King’s IT – mix Tim Curry with a demon clown and a giant spider, I shit you not, I will cry out of fear… I couldn’t even watch the trailer on my own.
  10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Tim Curry (again) as a transvestite and really catchy music, this isn;t so much scary as it is good!

An honourable mention: Stephen King’s The Shining. Even after The Simpsons spoof


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