Downton Abbey Fashion #1

I’m a very big fan of clothes (could you tell?) and Downton Abbey provides me with the classy fashion of the 1910s, 1920s etc. Below are a few of my favourite styles from season one.

(Season 2 will follow shortly.)


I’m a very big fan of this suit. When I saw it I thought, I should do a post about the clothes in Downton Abbey. It’s such a sophisticated looking day suit. The colour isn’t too dark or too bright and the hat is absolutely devine.


Again, I am all about the detail. I think the hat is a little over the top, but the detail on the jacket/shirt is just perfect

Is it strange that my favourite day outfit from season 1 was a maid’s? It’s so casual and classy that I would definitely recreate this if I ever had the time. And the coat is beautiful

And finally, the gorgeous evening dress in Ruby red. I’ve become a glutton for red and all things luxurious, so this is possibly my favourite out of everything. I think the lace on the front and the detail throughout the dress sold me.

I’ll try to get around to Season 2 next weekend, but after the Halloween fiasco, I’m not making any promises




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