Falling Skies Review

Falling Skies Review

I remember the first time I watched an episode of this show was on my birthday with my brother. It was about 3 am and after about 10 minutes we were like, ‘what the hell is going on?’ So, come August, when I was scraping for something to watch, I decided to give Falling Skies a second chance. My initial thoughts this time around were about the same as when I watched it first:

‘He was in ER.’
‘Noah Wyle?’
‘What was his character’s name?’
‘Carter. I want to say John…’
‘That was it!’
‘Jessy Schram!’

So, yeah, not much else really ran through my head (it was my birthday!)This time around though  I got through about 5 episodes and was gripped. The only reason I stopped watching was because I was making the move back to the city and had to focus on other stuff for the time (also, the Skitters really freaked me What The Hell!’

The show opens with a small resistance group fighting skitters (alien spider things). The group is led by Dan Weaver and Tom Mason, his second in command, whose two sons are with him. We start the show off with the groups main aim being to save Tom’s son, Ben, who has been harnessed, from the invaders.

As the show progresses we see some pretty nasty things happening and some pretty climactic cliffhangers. As I said above, I got completely hooked on this show and can’t wait for it’s return next June. My brother on the other hand: ‘It’s all just, “Move out!” There’s not much else they can do.’ (Someone clearly hasn’t see the season two finally!)


Noah Wyle is Tom Mason, the 2nd Mass’ 2nd in command. Prior to the invasion, he was a History teacher and knows a great deal in military history. His wife, Rebecca, was killed in the attack, his second son, Ben, was harnessed, and Tom escaped with his two other sons, Hal and Matt.

Will Patton plays Dan Weaver, leader of the second mass. Weaver lost most of his family in the attack and is usually seen at logger-heads with Tom.

Drew Loy plays Hal, Tom’s oldest son.  In season 1 he is 16 and dating Karen, another member of the second mass. Hal was a lacrosse player before the invasion and proves very capable in this war.

Connor Jessup plays Ben Mason and Maxim Knight plays Matt Mason, second and third Mason sons respectively. At the start of the show, Ben is harnessed and it is Tom’s main goal to get him back. At the end of the first episode, the crew Second Mass celebrate Matt’s birthday.

Karen Nadler, Hal’s girlfriend and a fighter in the resistance, is played by Jessy Schram. Their romantic relationship isn’t revealed until a few episodes in. Karen displays some jealousy at the attention Lourdes gives Hal.

Anne Glass is played by Moon Bloodgood, the resident doctor. Before the attack, Anne was a paediatric doctor. She lost her son and husband in the attack.  Anne’s protege, Lourdes, is played by Saychelle Gabriel, a med student prior to the attack, who seems to be romantically interested in Hal Mason.

Sarah Carter and Colin Cunningham joined the show mid-season 1 as John Pope and Maggie.  While their motives were questionable at the start, they appear to have been accepted by the second mass.


Without giving anything away, I can list three types:

  • The cliffhangers
  • The Romantic scenes (even though I hate that stuff in action)

There you have it: a really quick run through of Falling Skies. Give the show a chance. It gets freaking addictive!


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