I’m dying for someone to give me a €25-50 iTunes voucher! One night while I was watching Falling Skies I got a little bit obsessed with Sarah Sanguine-Carter, who I had only really seen in Misconceptions, Final Destination 2 and one episode of CSI: New York (though her credits include: Smallville, Shark, Fringe…) and she is really able to show her range in Falling Skies. So off I went to Wikipedia and IMDb… Thus began my love affair with the band SanguinDrake


The band consists of Sarah Sanguin Carter and David Drake who have both had solo albums previous to the release of Pretty Tricks (Before Three and Hallows, respectively). Their music is defined as alternative folk (I call it ‘Chill Music’) and some of their stuff reminds me of The Civil Wars and Bright Eyes.

You can download them on iTunes (as of yet: not sure if you can buy the CD in Irish stores) and check them out on Facebook; Twitter; and Youtube.

So let me leave you with…



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