My Future Home

It even has a TOWER!!!

I’m a girl! I love weddings. I love planning a future. I love deciding on baby names. I’m NOT one of those girls who has folders and folders of pictures and plans of cakes and dresses and flowers (I DO enjoy looking on Pinterest for everything and anything.) I do think about my dream house and a constant appearance is made by The Library!

I’m a b0ok fanatic. I’ve been badgering my dad to make me bookshelves for years but I finally realised the best thing to do is to give up. So instead, when I finish a book, I hesitantly but them into boxes for safe keeping. So I am adamant that my future home will have a library and I’ve found that the best place to find unique and exciting Library ideas is on (If you are not on Pinterest , you should be. It’s amazing!)

I remember we had a game on the PC years ago called Home 3D where you could design your own home and I used to love it (I was really young at this point. This was before I was 10 years old) so I do love looking at ideas and here are some I found on Pinterest and Tumblr (a few things here: P.S-I Made This ):


An Ideal… Kitchen? :O


The sofa sold me… READING NOOK!

Living Room

This one….

…or this one…


A bit excessive? : |



More books

Dining Room

Dinner Time?

Bits & Bobs

A Chipped Cup



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