How could I talk about this and not bring up The Hangover scene? It had to be done. And I needed a clever lead into the actual post, no?

I guess what I want to know is what people think about men wearing these? Do we automatically jump to the term ‘man purse’? Or is this accessory completely unisex? I think we can all remember back to the Friends episode where Joey got one of these bad boys and by the end of it, he too believed he was somewhat sissy for wearing it and looking back, I agreed with him. Until a few weeks ago. I saw my friend with one and I thought, Hey, he has a satchel. Then I realised this guy I’ve known since first year of college has one too and I have to say it adds that little something to them. (Friend #1 is canvas; friend #2 is some variation of leather. Neither friend is pictured below)

Something Oddly Sexy

The Canvas

Let’s focus on friend #1 for the moment. Tall, athletic, fair haired. Honestly, I really love his sense of style. It isn’t my usual go to on men but he pulls it off: flared denims (sometimes cords); a novelty tee-shirt and a zip-up that resembles some form of nylon (never got close enough for inspection); and of course, the canvas satchel.

The Leather

Friend #2: similar physically yet different in style. Average height, fair haired. In terms of style, there’s the denim, a shirt, usually checkered, casual jacket, leather satchel.

Is it the ‘hipster’ status that adds to the attraction to this bag? Is it that it’s aesthetically pleasing and gives a guy that little bit more voom in his outfit? Or is it all about personal style and how someone wears it?

I’m not a professional when it comes to fashion. I can’t guarantee that it looks good on every man, in fact I can think of at least two three guys I know that I doubt could pull this off and yet countless that I’d bet money could.

Any thoughts on this ‘high pressing’ issue?



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