Mad Men Review

What is it about the swinging sixties (Especially lately)? I started watch Mad Men (which is pretty awesome…) but I found myself wondering: aside from the fashion and the music, what was so great about it? (I’ll admit I’m a 90s baby, but I still love the 60s)

Sometimes you’ll get shows that focus on a certain time but only really portray it though the fashion, decor, lack of technology… But mad men really seems to embody the 60s – it can be sexist, racist, homophobic…

The show has an amazing cast: Jon Hamm, January Jones, Christina Hendricks, John Slattery…


The Cast of Mad Men

Jon Hamm plays Don Draper, the (DAPER – ya, I went there) loving husband (to Betty) and father (to Sally, Bobby and, later, Gene) who has tendencies of straying but ‘always comes home’. From the start we see that Don has a secret side to him, a side that no one, not even Betty, knows about. He works at Sterling-Cooper Advertising Agency as artistic director.

Don’s wife, Betty, played by January Jones, is disillusioned in her marriage. Betty is portrayed as a childish woman, dependent on her husband. She is a character I wish would grow up and stop being so damn annoying: I hate her and for that January Jones’ scenes are possibly the most interesting.

Roger Sterling is played by John Slattery and a character that I love much more than Don Draper. His scenes are always funny and at times we see that the character has so much more depth than we think.

Christina Hendricks is the sexy secretary Joan Harris and Elizabeth Moss is Peggy Olson, a secretary turned head of the art department.

HEADS-UP:: The one thing that you will notice about this show is that, while you can watch four hours of this show without any hesitation, absolutely nothing happens.



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