A Nightmare On Elm Street

There are certain movies that you need to see once in your life. Nightmare On Elm Street is a classic horror tale; Freddy Kruger and his stripped jumper is iconic to say the least; and it brought out a more decent remake than many of the other horror remakes I’ve seen in a long time.


A Nightmare On Elm Street Poster

We start off with Freddy making those gloves, the only sound being his tools, his breathing and the boilers around him with the brass instruments becoming more intense as we get closer and closer to the inter-title ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street.’

Cut to Tina Gray (Amanda Weiss) against a white background. Tina runs through the maze of a boiler room in an attempt to escape from Freddy. As he catches her, Tina wakes up from her dream to find slashes in her nightgown, similar to Freddy’s knives.

As the movie goes on, we see the group of friends terrorized by Freddy in their dreams, as they try to learn the true story of what happened to Freddy Kruger.

The cast includes Heather Langenkamp as Nancy, Robert Englund as Freddy Kruger, Johnny Depp as Glen, Amanda Wyss as Tina and Nick Corri as Rod.

Being critical: this isn’t one of my favorite scary movies. In fact, this movie didn’t really scare me all that much. It grossed me out but never made me jump. It made me laugh at times but it didn’t make me scream. (I say laugh because, and I’m sorry, I don’t want to be a bitch or anything, but I don’t think Heather Langkamp can act.)


A Nightmare On Elm Street 2010

Kris (Katie Cassidy) arrives at a dinner to meet her boyfriend, Dean (Kellan Lutz), who tells her about the nightmares he’s been having. When Kris leaves the table, Dean experiences one of these dreams where he meets a burned man in a green and red striped shirt with clawed gloves, who cuts Dean’s throat. (In reality, Kris and Nancy, played by Rooney Mara, look on as Dean appears to cut his own throat.)

Similar to the original, the group tries to figure out who this man is as they get killed off one by one.

The cast include, Katie Cassidy, Thomas Dekker, Ronney Mara, Kellan Lutx, Connie Britton, Jackie Earle Healy and Kyle Gallner.

The story takes on the original plot line of the 1984 film: in the original, Freddy’s crime is that he killed the children, while in the remake Freddy’s crime is more padded out (trying not to give anything away.)

I liked it as a remake. The storyline was interesting, the casting was good, yet I was slightly disappointed with the basic plot line (I thought it was simply too much), while the ‘detective’ aspect of the movie was… different.

My call on this movie: watch the original, definitely, it’s a must see for any horror buff. The remake? If you like the original, try it, it is always pretty cool to see a different take on a classic.

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