Music Sites

I have a really bad habit that really annoys me.

When I’m trying to do something (reading a book or writing something) I have to be listening to music. The problem: I keep changing songs. So I’m sitting in a chair, by the fair, with my book or getting all pumped to write and then I think of a song. And then another. And another. And on and on and on it goes. And then I’ll google a song I want to listen to and then I’ll think, Well I’m here now, might as well check my email. Three hours and six cups of tea later and I have nothing done, except wasting my time googling pointless things.

So I found a few websites to help me with this conundrum:

StereoMood – a site that picks the songs to fit your mood. There’s a playlist for when you’re studying or reading, jogging, dancing, or just chillin’.

8tracks – similar to Stereomood, 8tracks allows you to search playlists based on two moods.

SoundCloud – SOundCloud allows you to follow some musicians (I say some: I follow Tyler Hilton but is it REALLY Tyler Hilton?); make playlists of your favourite songs; or even upload your own.

Of course there’s always YouTube but who likes to follow the crowd?


Check out some of these sights if you get the chance!



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