The GIrls With Glasses VS HelloGiggles – Personal Opinion

As I am typing this, I am not really won over by The Girls With Glasses. At first, I liked them: a friend suggested the blog to me and I loved how quirky they were. But as I read on, I became… disillusioned. It could be for completely person reasons; it could be a case of ‘everything in moderation’; it could be the explosion of colour they use. I can’t pinpoint it exactly. I’ve gone days reading the same blogs, but after reading a page of ‘The Girls with Glasses’, I find myself needing a break.

Which is why I am writing this post! To give you the chance to check them out and decide for yourselves.

So… let’s begin:

  1. The Girls With Glasses are a cutesy duo (and I mean that in the best possible way – these girls are bright in every sense of the word – I don’t mean to come across as a bitch): one a magazine editor (Summer); the other a singer/songwriter (Brooke). 
  2. These girls provide a blog that provides gift guides and ideas for packing suitcases; original songs; giveaways; tips on picking the right glasses for yourself.

This is a cute idea. However, even though I have only skimmed through it, I have found that HelloGiggles provides all this and more on their site.

I like quirky, muted quirky, which is why HelloGiggles is for me. But I am not ere to sway you. Do, like me, check them both out and let me know what you think.


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