Sleepless in Seattle Review

I always saw Sleepless In Seattle as a Holiday movie, a romantic movie. I expected it to have it on in the background while I worked on my laptop and not pay any real attention to it. But I really enjoyed it. Its leads – Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan – are supported by an incredible supporting cast – Bill Pullman, Rosie O’Donnell, Victor Garber, Rita Wilson and Ross Malinger. Directed by the late Nora Ephron, this movie is a definite must see.

The film starts with our leading man, Sam, and his son, Jonah, attending the funeral of their loving wife and mother. A year and a half later, Annie, while driving back to Baltimore after a Christmas dinner with her family (including David Hyde Pierce) and her fiance (Pullman), listens to a talk show where she hears Jonah call in and say that his Dad needs a new wife. Annie and Sam instantly show a connection. You know how this movie will end but you have to watch it to the end…

The film references An Affair to Remember. Sleepless made me genuinely laugh: two noticeable scenes begin when Garber, Hanks and Wilson are talking about movies and Garber and Hanks start making fun of her. Another is when Sam is giving out to Jonah and references Fatal Attraction. Both are below


Tom Hanks plays Sam Baldwin, a widower and single father who moves to Seattle with his son, Jonah, who is played by Ross Malinger. One night, Jonah calls a rasio station and says that his Dad needs a new wife. He spends some time sorting through the correspondances that his father recieves from women from different States.

Meg Ryan plays Annie, a recently engaged (at the beginning of the movie) journalist who begins to have cold feet after she hears Jonah and Sam on the radio.


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