Two Very Different Concert Styles

I was doing my daily act of skimming Mary Rambin’s blog and came across the inspiration for this post: Rocker Style 101.

Last month I went to two very different concerts in one week and had two very different styles. After each you can find recreations, not replicas of the outfits and a quick review of MTM’s post to see how I did

Bon Iver.

Justin Vernon and co were playing the O2 last month on November 12 and, it being my first real concert, I decided to make an effort. I wore an oversized, navy, sleeveless top, over a leather and cotton panel skirt, and a black blazer with a rose pin; ,y ridiculously comfy booties; my snakeskin clutch with a gold rim; and, adding a bit of colour to an otherwise dark outfit, I added my dusty pink bracelets.

Bon Iver @ O2
When Ingrid Michaelson played with Allie Moss and Bess Rogers in The Pavillion in Cork on November 15, I chose a more girly look. I chose my pink, formal dress; black, flat boots, my clutch bag that I had to Bon, as well as the bracelets, and my leaf necklace. The music was more sedated and completely different to Bon Iver so I opted for a more girly look. It’s also dipped into my dislike for wearing dark colours and my love of pink
Untitled #12
So, there ya have it. Two very different looks for two very different concerts. Both were awesome and I plan on posting photos and videos once I get myself sorted

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