Kate Nash


I first came across Kate Nash when she released “Foundations” in 2007. One of my favourite songs, it describes the destructive relationship; a relationship that is not about love anymore but more about the fighting and trying to hold on to what’s left of their relationship (from what I can tell anyway). Anyway…


Eventually I decided to look into her album, Made Of Bricks, released in 2007.

Track Listing

  1. Play
  2. Foundations
  3. Mouthwash
  4. Dickhead
  5. Birds
  6. We Get On
  7. Mariella
  8. Shit Song
  9. Pumpkin Soup
  10. Skeleton Song
  11. Nicest Thing
  12. Merry Happy (all versions include hidden track “Little Red” from 6:08, except U.S.)

As with the   About A Boy OST, not all of the songs made it onto my iPod, Henry, because they didn’t make an much of an impression on me. The songs that did make an impresoin are al the bouncy tunes, with the exception of “Nicest Thing”, a much sadder sounding song but one of my favourites. “Nicest Thing”, which is accompanied by a violin explains that heartbreaking feeling a girl (or guy. I don’t know!) gets when they fall in love and desperately want a relationship. I wouldn’t say that the song sounds hopeless. Or even angsty. But I personally wouldn’t call it optimistic.

“Merry Happy” contains a hidden track, a cute song, called “Little Red”.

After Made Of Bricks came My Best Friend Is You, a much more poppy album than the last album.

Track Listing

  1. Paris
  2. Kiss That Grrrl
  3. Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt?
  4. I Just Love You More
  5. Do-Wah-Doo
  6. Take Me To A Higher Plane
  7. I’ve Got A Secret
  8. Mansion Song
  9. Early Christmas Present
  10. Later On
  11. Pickpocket
  12. You Were So Far Away
  13. I Hate Seagulls (Silence From 4:13 until 7:11 – then hidden track begins: “My Best Friend Is You”)
  14. R n B Side (US iTunes Bonus Track)

Compared to Made of Bricks this album has a lot more strong piano moments that send shivers down my spine… More ‘clappy’ moments.

I love the video for “Do Wah Do”.

My favourite songs from this album: “Paris”; “Kiss the Grrl”; “Do Wah Do”; “Early Christmas Present”; “Later On;” “Pickpocket.”


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